Average Joe Marketer Package

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Hi there, my name's Joe... And I'm just a very average guy...

But that hasn't stopped me from making well over $214,000 in just the last 2 months alone using my very own niche marketing techniques. And yes, you did read that right... I now make an obscene amount of money online!

In fact, the methods that I'm currently using are so powerful that I've been able to locate a completely 'bizarre' niche on the Internet... and apply my AJM techniques so that it now makes me an absolute killing!

But not only this - I've also set-up many different Niche Marketing income streams as well... and because of this I'm now able to enjoy my life, spend more time with my family and take a vacation every single month...

In short, I HAVE TOTAL FREEDOM... I HAVE CONTROL... and I love it! Take a look at the screenshot below to see what I mean...

But it wasn't always like this... No way! When I first started online I didn't have a clue what I was doing!

From Super 'Average Joe'... To Super Marketer, Super Affiliate and Super Rich In No Time At All!

So how did all this come about? How did Average Joe suddenly discover how to do this... how to extract enough money from the Internet each and every day and go from driving an old Ford to driving a Porsche Carrera 911 C4S (pictured in the showroom when I went to pick it up), a Grand Jeep Cherokee... and a Lamborghini (at the weekends) very, very soon... in JUST 23 months?

Well, it all started through desperation really, but with hindsight I wouldn't change a thing... because what I have right now I cherish and I hold onto with both hands.

I've lived both sides of the fence if you like... and I don't EVER want to go back!

I've been in debt, I've been unable to pay bills, I've frequently woken up in the mornings and just wondered what on earth this is all about!

Was I destined to work 12 hours a day, just in order to survive? Was this all I was worth?

And there it was... right in front of me... the moment... the realization that it was up to me! It was up to me if I thought I was worth $7 an hour, it was up to me who I worked for... and it sure as hell was up to me what I did with MY LIFE...

I don't know... maybe I'm a bit slow... but I had to experience the lows before I decided to do something about it... You may be different... You might be sitting there thinking "Joe, you fool! Isn't it obvious that YOU can change YOUR life for YOU"... or maybe you're thinking this is your wake up call... right now! Either way, you're right... You need to realize that YOU are in control - no-one else can change YOUR life...

I hated my life... I hated my job... the house I lived in... the car I drove... all of it... I hated not being able to buy things for my girlfriend... and even the thought of trying to raise children and treating them to everything they ever wanted just ran shivers down my spine - it scared the heck out of me! I could barely afford to put gas in my car, let alone raise a child... and this should be one of life's wonders, not something you dread or put off!

The debts that I'd built up had enabled me to just about survive, but I'd hit breaking point! I couldn't get any more money... I couldn't survive on what I made... so I simply had to make MORE MONEY... and fast!

So, there you have it... Average Joe stripped back to his insecure self... deciding to grab life with both hands and deciding to make something of himself... to make money on the Internet... So what happened?

"I Was Lost In A Sea Of Internet Jargon... And I Was Drowning Fast!"

I'd read about people making fortunes on the Internet... and the thing that really attracted me to the Internet in the first place was the fact that there were a lot of "normal" and "average" people making phenomenal amounts of money online. It's very easy for big corporations and businesses to make money with their money, but when average people with no experience and no skills start to do it... it's just got to be real...

So, I started to look at this in a BIG way... and I bought a lot of information with every spare dollar I could find! Maybe it's just me, but it just seemed that nothing worked on its own... There was never one complete product package that you could get... I always felt like I was missing one piece of the jigsaw!

But then things started to change... After buying literally every product going, I set-up a very basic website all on my own and I began to attract visitors to my very first niche site (based on an interest that I had at the time).

This was exciting stuff... and it was easy to do... I'd found something that I was interested in and something that I knew a little about... but what came next was a MASSIVE surprise!

Within the space of just 4 weeks I'd achieved a top 5 Google search ranking... I couldn't believe it! I was getting FREE traffic to my website each and every day of the week... and it was targeted traffic too, because the people visiting my site were buying from me as well!

And that's when I discovered that you don't have to be an expert when you're competing in a smaller niche...

I didn't really know what I was doing back then... and BANG... top 5 in just 4 weeks! And as a result of the methods I used, my first Niche website pulled in over $68,000 in my very first year from natural search traffic, and $76,000 last year... while my other Niche site brings in just over $2,000 per week... pure profit... and I'll tell you all about this site in just a moment...

How's That For A Small Niche?! And This Is JUST ONE Of The Niche Markets That I Operate In...

Like I said, I'm no expert... In fact, I'd never even dream of describing myself this way. I've just found something that works... something that an average guy like me can make money from... And now I want you to find your very own niche too, and start making an absolute fortune from it... just like I've done!

Do you realize how many niches there are and how many new ones are being created on a daily basis? There are literally hundreds and thousands just waiting to be exploited... so there's still plenty of room out there for more Internet Marketers... or even Average Joe apprentices... And you can be next... when you start using my step-by-step AJM techniques for generating cold, hard cash...

Here's a screenshot from what has to be the most bizarre Niche that I have ever entered - it was the first Niche that I chose in fact... and this was because I had an interest in this particular market...

"How bizarre is this Niche Joe?" Well, I reckon I could give you a hundred or so guesses and you probably wouldn't get it right...

My first Niche was "carpet cleaning"... yep, carpet cleaning... but wait a minute... don't start laughing just yet... because here's a screenshot of what I recently achieved in this market:

That's $1,335.00 in just one day!

Now... Do you think you can find a Niche and monetize it the AJM way? I've done it with a VERY bizarre Niche like carpet cleaning, so anyone can do it...

In fact, here's just a couple of the testimonials I've received from people that I've helped in this very market! REAL people, making REAL money in a very REAL Niche market...

"Are you kidding me? I had no idea how easy this was going to be. I regret not doing this sooner when I had the chance. I started advertising my business on Google after our conversation and scheduled my first customer 23 minutes after my website went online! I really appreciate it!"

Dan Lane, Aladdin Plus Carpet Cleaning

"I can actually hear the difference in my office with the phone ringing much more. This has actually made me feel better about how this year will be. Thanks again for the help!"

Michael Marton, Marton's Carpet Care

And here's some more figures from the very same Niche... $886.65 in 3 days via Paypal!

"Just another average day for me!"

And as you can see from the figures above, I've made a massive success of this particular niche, and many more just like it... But it wasn't always like this...

And to tell you the whole truth, I didn't know anything at all about Internet Marketing until December 2005... when I began to look into ways of drumming up more leads for the carpet cleaning business I was working for. I found it to be a huge struggle at first (as you might be finding right now). After all, I had no real experience of using the Internet and I had absolutely no idea where to begin!

So How Did You Make All This Money Joe... And How Can I Do The Same?

Average Joe's Truth #1

Well, I bet you've heard the phrase "the money is in the list" haven't you? I bet you heard that statement from one of the big 'gurus' out there... Someone who constantly and indiscriminately promotes his products to a gigantic list of hot and ready buyers... Because that's where the money is, right... In the list?

Well, in truth, that's not entirely accurate... not at first anyway... And here's why...

AJM Fact: When you're just starting out in this business (like me, just a short while ago), it's absolutely vital that you pick the right market, or you'll be dead in the water before you even start... A list of customers means nothing if you have no idea what they want! The fact of the matter my friend, is this... "The Money Is In The Niche!"

That's right... And I'm going to show you exactly how to discover your very own niche and then mine it for all the gold it's worth!

Average Joe's Phase 1 Income Plan: Pulling in $100-$200+ Per Day

You see, what my AJM techniques are all about is making the job-ending $100 - $200+ amounts each and every day... and as fast as possible... so that you can then take this seriously!

... And at this point you might be thinking "hold on Joe, that's all I'm looking for... I just want to make $100 - $200 a day"...

And that's fine... This is phase 1 if you like... succeeding where others fail! Phase 2 is then exploding this income to levels that you see below... and this is ONLY possible in this order...

You MUST create the job-ending income BEFORE you move onwards and upwards into Phase 2 income.

But what exactly am I talking about here?

Well, I'm talking about getting to this... an Average Joe Phase 1 income... $200+ a day!

And then building on your success to create this...

Average Joe's Phase 2 Income Plan: Exploding Your Income!

In other words... a world of sports cars, luxury holidays, big houses... and above all else... no mortgages, no credit cards, no loans, no worries... no stress... and no more average existence...

WARNING! Average Joe takes no responsibility for any heart failures, deafness caused by loud screaming, injuries caused when falling off your chair and any related "accident" if you choose to read on... You read on at your own risk...

These are DAILY figures that I've made from JUST ONE of my Niche markets...

And all this can be yours too... sooner than you think... It worked for Average Joe, so it can certainly work for you too...

The above is from a new Niche that I entered at the very end of February 2007... and the above screenshot totals $51,283.95 in just 15 days... That's an average of $3,418.93 EVERY SINGLE DAY from just this Niche!

"Wow! Joe, you weren't kidding... but why on earth do you want to help me?!"

Well, that's a good question and I completely understand where you're coming from... I mean, why would a person making thousands of dollars each and every day want to reveal his secrets... to anyone... let alone his potential competition?

And the reason is this...

"You'll Never Be My Competition... And That's The Beauty Of Niche Marketing!"

Now, I'm not saying this because I'm doubting your ability to make my system work! Not at all... absolutely ANYONE can make this work... What I mean by this is that there are so many untapped markets out there that you'll never have to set up shop in any niche that's over-populated.

In other words, all you need to do is find a niche where hardly any competition exists (there are thousands!) and you'll be in prime position to make thousands of bucks in super quick time...

This is the AJM way... and I'm going to show you exactly how to do this...

Take a look at what Greg recently made as an affiliate in just a 2 week period... This is Greg's Phase 1 income and he's now looking to explode this...

That's $1,042.96 from just this Niche... for no more than 2 hours "work"!

"Hi Joe,

Just a short note to thank you for your email... it caught me just at the right time as I was looking for a good product to recommend to my subscribers. After sending only 2 emails to my list and spending only $40 on Adwords promoting, it has made me an extra $676.13 for really under an hours work. You really know your stuff!

I've just checked my stats and I had 223 clickthroughs and 22 sales - which is a staggering 10% conversion rate! It has the highest conversion rates of any product I have ever promoted.

Greg McKenzie, GoldrushX, UK

And below is a screenshot and a testimonial from Paul... I showed Paul how to do this very recently. We started very slow and steady in early 2007... and if you look below you can see EXACTLY where his income exploded into Phase 2...

Paul was earning between $7,000 - $9,053.85 every 2 weeks in Phase 1 and then his income EXPLODED to $7,736.07 in JUST 5 Days!

If you look closely you can see the transition between Phase 1 and Phase 2 income, starting March 10th and really accelerating March 15th 2007 onwards...

"Since implementing phase 2 of your system, my earnings have more than doubled and I have been able to track my ad spend resulting in amazing ROI.

Today I've already reached $636.50 and the day is not nearly over, this is what I used to reach at the end of the day back in phase 1 weeks ago. I have no idea if this is going to continue, but all I know is that I have seen the world through your eyes and I am now truly committed to this. I believe making money online is possible, and that is what has really made me write this e-mail to say thank you Joe..."

Paul Porter, Hawaii, US

I want you to experience the thrill of refreshing your computer screen and watching... in front of your very eyes... the money come flooding in...

Take a look at the below screenshot to see what I mean when I say this, because this is VERY REAL! Below are 3 screenshots combined to show me making $189.39 in JUST 24 minutes!

Look, that's $1,137.40 at 11.39, $1,229.78 at 11.55... and $1,326.79 at 12.03... or $189.39 in JUST 24 minutes! In fact, the total for this day (March 21st) was $3,847.53 (see below)... and I used to have to work over 2 months to make that!

Above is a screenshot showing me making $8,575.71 in JUST 4 days! And I'm going to help you to do this too...

I'm going to reveal all the secrets that the gurus aren't willing to share... And I know you've heard that a million times before, but this time it's actually true... I always tell the truth...

So What's The Real Reason I'm Spilling My Guts?

Average Joe's Truth #2

"I swore to God that if I ever really found out how to do any of this, I would make it my mission to tell everyone about it! And that day has arrived my friend... and I really don't care how many gurus I annoy! I'm keeping good on my promise! You'll get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from Average Joe!"

And after making that promise to myself back in 2005 (while I was sitting there with bills, loan repayments and credit cards staring me in the face), I'm not about to ignore it now and choose to keep all of my methods a secret from you...

I truly want to help you succeed in Internet Marketing. This is a tough business and a lot of other marketers are constantly sending you in the wrong directions for their own selfish reasons...

They confuse you with product A, in order to sell you product B... the result of which is information overload... and to solve this you'll need product C. Does this sound familiar?!

The big difference with niche marketing is that there's plenty of room for everyone, it's a heck of a lot easier than doing a "real job"... and there's ABSOLUTELY no reason to keep my methods a secret from you...

Average Joe's Proof #1: The Money Is In The Niche!

Here's just one of my promotions I launched in a very small niche... This particular promotion made me over $3,000 in JUST one month...

This niche website went online in late November... and in January I started promoting it using the Average Joe Marketer techniques. As you can see, the change in traffic was simply amazing!
From a daily average of 366 visitors in November to over 3,000 in January... and when you get TARGETED TRAFFIC to a website you just need to offer the right product in the right way...

Here's a screenshot for January 10th, the first day of my promotion, and this is what happened afterwards as well...

That's 15 sales at $89.00, or $1,335.00 in just one day... And it didn't stop there! Oh no, don't think for one minute that I worked long into the night to get this promotion ready (because I didn't) and the income only lasted for a week (because it didn't)... No way! This income is still coming into my Paypal account today - I just needed to kick it off...

And I'll show you how to kick it off the right way from the start... so that you'll soon have an account that looks like the one below...

"The Truth Is, I Do These Promotions With 6 Different Niches And The Results Are Always The Same..."

So you're not getting some lame, rehashed theories with Average Joe... In fact, you'll get time-tested and proven methods for generating a steady income from the comfort of your own home. If you've already made some money online, then you know there's no greater feeling than waking up in the morning to an inbox full of sales notifications!

If not, I want you to visualize the below being your very own payment screen... because YOU CAN do this...

If I can do this... just an Average Joe Marketer with no special skills or experience whatsoever... then you certainly can... LOOK! The payments are still coming in...

As you can see the money from this Niche was flooding in... every day of the week... and I'm going to show you exactly how I do this... exactly how to do this the right way from the off... No time wasting, no untested theories... just money-making and profit-pulling guidance that YOU NEED to make it online...

"This sounds absolutely awesome Joe, but how do I get started and how do I get paid?"

Well, I've started this from scratch myself, with no experience, no knowledge and no marketing skills... so I know exactly what it takes to do this... Exactly what you'll need to know in order to go from zero, to $100 - $200+ Per Day, to $1,000+ Per Day (Phase 2 income levels) as fast as possible...

This is not some "system" that requires you to jump through hoops, pat your head and rub your belly at the same time, or do anything that I couldn't do myself. This is simple stuff and I've kept it as simple as possible for you to duplicate too... And you can start receiving income in as little as just a few days!

I receive money automatically into my bank account, I receive checks in the mail... and I can also withdraw profits at any time... and so can you. None of this is difficult or "tricky" when you know how... Any 'average' person can do this.

And this is the part where I do something absolutely insane... I'm going to expose what this niche is and show you a live case study of it in action... You can copy my system, my methods and EVERY technique that I use to make this money...


Official Google Cash 3rd Edition

Attention: Internet Marketers Who Are Struggling To Make Money Online ...

What ONE Home Based Business Did AdWords Guru Perry Marshall Practically RAVE About? Saying:

“...it's the safest way to enter a market.”

“...literally the world’s fastest business opportunity.”

“...you can jump into a new market in as little as 15 minutes.”

“No inventory, no email lists – you don’t even need a website!”

The Answer Is Inside, So Please Keep Reading To Discover...
"How I Escaped From The Mind-Numbing, Passion-Sucking World Of Claustrophobic Cubicles And Buzzing Florescent Lights And Started Raking In $33,000.00 A Month Online --WITHOUT A Product, WITHOUT A List, And WITHOUT A Website!"

This Amazingly Simple System Is A Cinch To Set Up And Only Takes A Few Minutes A Day To Implement...But Still Plunks Piles Of Cash In Your Bank Account Every Month!

It's Quick. It's Easy. And Best Of All,
You Can Be Making Money Just 15 Minutes From This Moment!

This is NOT a get rich quick program, but an actual home business that you set up following my detailed instructions. Even if you've tried other online business opportunities and failed, or think that every such website is just a scam, I'd like to PROVE to you that what I'm about to share with you is COMPLETELY different.

Why? Because it WORKS. Plain and simple.

Now please read this quick letter carefully, because I'm going to share with you how I make over $30,000 per month using Google AdWords, and how thousands of ordinary people, just like you, are making a great living without leaving their homes (and when they do leave their homes, they still make money--even while on vacation).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy. Because this very well may be the most important letter you've ever read...

New Google Cash 3rd Edition - Updated March 2007

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you one quick question: Are you fed up yet?

Ebooks. Private Label Rights. AdSense. Blogging. HTML. Articles. List Building. The list of “gotta haves for success” in the internet marketing world seems to go on and on. Every day, you get a barrage of emails from people hawking yet another life-changing product launch or the newest way to make millions in your pajamas.


I mean, c'mon--it's hard enough to pick one program and stick with it (that is, if you can even afford it), but when every so-called guru and their brother is pulling you in a thousand different directions ...

It's enough to make you run screaming into the night!
Chris Carpenter

Who is Chris Carpenter?

A leading authority on making money with Google Adwords and Affiliate Programs. Chris has written the internet's best selling book of all time on the subject, and regularly makes 5-figures a month using the "Google Cash Method"

It's Kinda Like Walking The Midway At Your Local Carnival...

Every tattooed, dentally-challenged carny is trying their best to grab your eye and pull you into their sleazy little game. “Hey buddy,” they growl through Marlboro-stained lips, “ Win one for the little lady. I'll even give ya' a freebie. All you need to do is bust one balloon...knock down the milk bottles...put the ring on the bottle neck, and you're a winner—it's EASY!”

But we all know how it ends, right? The “easy” part turns out to be not so easy after all. And we walk away a little poorer...and a LOT more frustrated.

Now you and I both know that the majority of internet marketers are not like the unscrupulous characters you'll find at the county fair. They're upstanding business people with integrity. Many of them are my closest friends, and (as far as I know) most of them still have their teeth and are not covered in ink.

But how many times have you been lured in by a silky smooth sales pitch only to buy a product that was all frosting and no cake? How many times have you been promised a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow...only to find it empty?

Yeah, guilty here too. So what's a person to do ?

Which way should you turn? Which guru should you trust? I mean...

Why Can't Anybody Just Tell Me The REAL TRUTH About The Fastest, Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

Boy, does that sound familiar. It wasn't that long ago when I was feeling the same frustrations. I'll tell you more about that in a moment, but first, let me introduce myself...

My name is Chris Carpenter. And back in 2002, I was commuting an hour each way, 5 days a week, to be boxed into an tiny, 8' x 8' cubicle like a veal and make money for someone else.

I literally cringe when I think back on it now...the blinding florescent lights that would wash out everything in sight—especially your spirits. The inept supervisors who treated everyone like dirt while they sat in their offices, getting paid twice my meager salary for doing half the work. The tired, worn-down faces of my co-workers...people who had been chained to a desk for years...and would most likely be sitting at that same desk the day they died.

It was miserable!

I HAD to get outta there—FAST. So I started looking into online marketing.

Like you, I read the sales letters, bought a few programs, and tried a few things. But nothing was really happening. The more I tried, the harder it became.

It was like I was running an uphill battle all the time. I always felt 3 steps behind everyone else. Soon, I began to wonder if this internet marketing thing was for real...if it's all just a scam...if there's really a way to make money from home using the web.

But being a hard-head who doesn't give up so easily, I kept trying. And it wasn't long before a little money started trickling in...not much, but enough to fuel the fire and keep my nose to the grindstone.

And That's When I Stumbled Upon A Simple Little Formula That Literally Changed My Life Forever!

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had started messing around with some non-conventional ways to better monetize AdWords with affiliate marketing. I had tested and re-tested countless variations of AdWords Ads, Keywords, Affiliate Offers...you name it.

And then one morning, I checked my email and couldn't believe my eyes...

There were not one—but SEVERAL messages saying I had made an affiliate sale!

Up to this point, I had made a few sales like this, but never more then one in a weeks time. And NEVER multiple sales in one day!

Maybe I was onto something big...REAL big. I remember thinking, “Have I found it? Is this the secret formula to online success?”

The next several weeks were spent hunkered down over my keyboard, eyes glazed, with a pile of notes on my desk. I worked the system, tweaking the elements, trying different things. And along the way, I started to make more money.


First it was a few dollars a day. Then a few more. Then it turned into 3 figures a day...then 4 figures a day. Just take a look at some of my recent ClickBank statements.

Talk About Your “Magic Pill”...This Was Like Getting The Keys To The Whole Friggin' Pharmacy!

Amazingly, the more I dug in, the more tips, tricks and techniques I uncovered. And as I implemented these hidden treasures into my campaigns, my affiliate income continued to skyrocket up to a level I've never even dreamed possible.

And finally, that glorious day came...the day we all dream about.

I marched into the office, handed the boss my resignation (you should have seen his face—PRICELESS), took one last look at the miniature prison cell I'd been occupying for way too long, shook a few bewildered hands, and waltzed out the doors, NEVER to return!

Man, what an exhilarating feeling...

It Was Like Having A 100 lb. Weight Instantly Lifted Off My Shoulders
I Felt More Free (And More Alive) Than I Had In Years!

It wasn't long after saying goodbye my J-O-B that I compiled all the tricks, tactics, and techniques of my 5-figure-a-month system into an easy-to-read ebook called Google Cash. And from the moment it hit the internet, it was a major success, eventually becoming the best-selling AdWords affiliate marketing book ever.

Thousands of people purchased my ebook and implemented my system with unbelievable results (some of those stories are in the testimonial boxes below). I even released a 2nd version that was almost TWICE as big as the first, with more insider strategies to help you build a cash-gushing online business.

But as you may already know, in the past year or two, Google has implemented some major changes in the AdWords structure that have made it more difficult to make money using the Google Cash method. Some people have even given up on the system entirely and moved on to other things, saying it was “dead” or “outdated” or “not relevant anymore”.

Well, I'm here to tell you they're wrong.


Because I've updated the Google Cash method once again to show you exactly how to overcome these changes. I've added more content, inserted some awesome new formulas I discovered, and even tossed in a few unexpected tidbits I found along the way that are putting thousands more in my wallet every month. And now, I want to pull back the curtain and reveal it all to you...

So if you're ready to:

· Start a home based business for just pennies per day that could easily make $100,000—or more--every year

· Build an internet marketing empire without the time, money, and hassles of a websites, products, or lists

· Find an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that takes you by the hand and shows you how it's done

· Make money on the internet in the fastest, easiest way possible

· Have 3...4...even 5-figure checks delivered to your door every month for only a few minute's work

· Create an online ATM that continually puts wads of cash in your bank account while you're sleeping...playing...even when you're on vacation

Introducing Google Cash 3, The Hands-Down Fastest And Easiest Way To Turn The World's Largest Search Engine Into An Autopilot Cash Making Machine!

Here's how it works...

You've seen Google AdWords, right? The little advertisements on a Google search page that are on the top and right hand sides? You can make incredible money just by placing these ads and guiding customers to the product or service they want. The merchant provides everything else - the Web site, the inventory, the customer service. You simply place ads and collect the commissions—it' a breeze!

There are 4 simple steps to the Google Cash 3 process:

1. Look for products/services sold online - Google Cash 3 shows you where!

2. Sign up for free as a reseller - Google Cash 3 shows you how!

3. Advertise these products/services on Google - Google Cash 3 shows you the most profitable ways!

4. Receive commission checks, cash them, and start living the easy life!

Google Cash 3 shows you exactly how to do it, step by step, guaranteed. But it gets even better. For some offers, all that is required is that the user sign up (for information, a free ecourse, etc.) and you STILL get paid--he doesn't even have to buy anything! Isn't that AWESOME?

Like AdWords Guru Perry Marshall said, the Google Cash method is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to get an online business up and running—without the normal hassles and without shelling out your life savings. You can literally be making money in just minutes, because with the Google Cash method..

· You DON'T need a product: Let other people hassle with production, storage, and shipping issues—not you. All you have to do is collect checks.

· You DON'T need a website: NO HTML...no expensive web building programs...and no urges to throw your monitor out the window because you can't get a table to center. With my innovative money-making techniques, you'll earn more from the Internet than 99% of Web site owners – WITHOUT a site!

· You DON'T need a huge investment: I started with $10 and 2 hours a week. Now I make 5 figures a month. Sound easy? It is!

· Free Tools To Help You Make Money FAST: These are the same hidden resources I use to make over $30,000 a month...and they're yours for the taking.

Inside Google Cash 3, You'll Find a Virtual Treasure Trove Of Tips, Techniques, And Tactics To Get Your Online Business Going Full Speed From Day One, Including...

* 5 Critical Steps You Must Take Before Starting: These could make the difference between success and failure—don't miss it!

* How To Be A Super Affiliate: This is where the big money is...and I'll show you exactly how to get there.

* The "Secret Weapon" That Can Make Or Break Your Campaigns: Crucial to your success—this one tidbit of information is worth 10 times the price of the book!

* How To Choose Moneymaking Keywords: There's a definite art to this...and I'm going to show you the ropes.

* How to Create Profitable AdWords Ads: Your ad is the key to getting clicks, and if you don't know what you're doing, you'll be sunk. I'll show you how to do it right the first time—and every time!

* The Secret To Weeding Out Expensive Keywords: Critical to staying in your budget, yet so simple, even a child could do it.

* Why You Should NOT Be In The #1 Position In Google: The top spot is not the best in this case...but I'll show you exactly where you need to be.

* How To Test Your Ad Before You "Roll Out": Testing is a must, and this simple process will help you accelerate your profits while lowering your costs.

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World Of Warcraft Brian Kopps 1-70 Alliance Guide.



Finally The 60-70 Outland Guide and
Draenei Guide are Available! POWERLEVEL YOURSELF
By Questing From 1-70
In Under 8 Days Played Time!

Leave now and someone should gank you for
missing the Best and Only Leveling guide.
I even give you a sample at the
bottom of this page


60-70 and Draenei now here.
Get ready to be the first on new servers or casually play without the hassle and frustration of being stuck with nothing to do

I'll make this quick and to the point since you can tell this is not some crappy
Ebay guide. Hard work actually went into this instead of stealing forum posts.

PVP server
Martin of www.wow-strategy.com
Creator of the Map Notes

"I spent 38 hours and 11 minutes at level 60 before TBC was out (proof is on my blog from the site in the picture). The only relevant things I did were to teach my pet bite rank 7 and clear the bank. Let's very liberally say that'd take 3 hours... so to get my final /played time you'd have to subtract 35 hours and 11 minutes from the 10 day 7 hour and 49 minute total which gives 8 days, 20 hours, 38 minutes to level 70." Martin Malmberg

Finally the only 1-70 Alliance Guide there is written by a professional Gamer. This is just like Joana/Mancow's Horde Guide except for the Alliance. I listed every coordinate on everything and linked all quests. This guide will allow you to get an alliance character from 1-60 in under 5 days to 7 days /played time solo and from 60-70 in 3-5 days. I have a starting guide for Night Elves, Humans, Gnomes/Dwarf, and Draenei so any race/class can use this guide. There are no exploits or cheats in my guide. It seems like you need cheats to level that fast but you don't!


A Bit About Me

Most of you know my name is Brian Kopp. I've been playing World of Warcraft since the day it was publicly released. I hit 60 by Christmas and I studied all the quests and areas while I did it. I made myself an expert on the games quest layout. I kept leveling up new characters over the last year and I came up with a "set in stone" pattern that can get you to 70 in the fastest possible time, or if you want to know what quests are good and what to avoid this will greatly help. I also made this guide for you to level all alone. Yep solo 1-70 because I got sick of relying on others for quests throughout the game. Not to mention you'll be so far ahead of them all if you're speed leveling that you couldn't group. This game was designed to solo if you wanted to. There aren't many quests you can't solo, and those you can't solo can be skipped without any penalty or finished later. I usually play on the character Agent (if I can get it on new servers first) or the name Slotterhouse (Slaughter House).

You also get Interactive Map Coordinates for 1-70

This is an amazing mod that you install that will uncover your entire map, like Diablo 2 map hack, so that you can see everything before it's uncovered. THIS WILL NOT GET YOU BANNED. I use the map hack analogy because of how it works. If this was a bannable mod it wouldn't be available today. It also allows you to import the special waypoint system that has every coordinate in there for even faster leveling so you don't have to search for coordinates. This on top of upcoming maps is a great help.


As you see I link every single quest for you to easily look up anything

This will help with quests you don't know or need help finding. This will help you level even faster by not having to search everything manually. You can also see I also list every x,y coordinates for everything done and I tell you the programs to use to see the coordinates, if you don't already use them.

This guide is about 90% questing and 10% grinding from 1-70. It can't be helped you have to grind some, you can't level on pure quest xp and not kill one mob the whole game.

I created this guide to help out those of you (new or old) who want to get to 70 easier and faster, know what quests to do and those to avoid, or are new and want to learn the game without all the trouble. This guide will help you with all of that. Most players don't speed level but can have the upper hand on new servers with this guide. You're going to need to be 60, minimum 58, to even stand a chance in Outlands in the Burning Crusade expansion and can get XP from current quests to get past 60 but it's not really worth the trouble. I was also asked by lots how I can level so fast past them so I put it together. This guide will help you more than any other guide out there

Actual Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your guide. I have all the "official" guides and books that the big stores sell, and your guide is seriously the best investment I've made since buying WOW.
It does save me so much time, especially since I work 50+ hours a week, I don't have a lot of time a week to dedicate trying to level up and keep up with my guild mates. Your guide has helped me keep up with them and their levels, while spending half the time or less than they do. The quest guide coupled with the map add-on and preset waypoints save me literally hours and hours of having to search for items as well as choosing the right quests and staying away from the trash

Thanks Brian, you rock!

Thanks Brian!!!! I use this guide like a Bible!! I have been playing mmo's for about 8 years, and usually when I level I hate it, but this guide has made the game more interesting now that I don't have to grind every level. This guide reduces SOO much downtime, you would have to be crazy NOT to buy This Guide!!!!
Jason Kujo

Dear Brian Kopp,

I'd just like to comment your excellent guide. Never have I seen a better use of a internet bought guide, mixed with the great instructions and tips you give. I must simply say I'm amazed that the entire world of world of
warcraft hasn't bought it yet. It was definitely worth the money!

I've taken the liberty of showing off a couple pages at school, as some of my friends thought it was a scam and that I was simply lying. When they saw the two pages, they were still a bit uncertain, but when I invited them home to see it in motion, they too were amazed at the efficient leveling that could be achieved with your wonderful guide.

Joakim Tobiasson - A VERY satisfied costumer.

Dear Brian,

I purchased your guide and have been following it step by step since my purchase. I'm extremely pleased with it and I just had to tell you.

It's perfect for someone like me who used to run out of quests and not know what to do next. You hear the word "guide" used often, but it truly is a guide. You take us step by step how to utilize the most of our online time. And for a stay at home mom, it's great to finally catch up with my friends!

I can't wait to use it for the Draenei I plan to create and use your heavily anticipated upcoming guide for them!

Thank you so much for your great work. This was worth every penny!
Mya - Priestess of Bloodscalp
More feedbacks are available, I try to not spam you with them.

Here is what is contained in this Guide

This is a digital guide that you can view and download it in the members area and print each page. This also helps with updates and new releases
30 pages of instructions from my 1-70 "Set In Stone" route with links to every quest and covering every race
Every step is written down from 1-70 showing you when to accept/turn in quests, where to go, etc so you can easily follow with any Alliance race
I have a tips section for basic information such as which Mods I use and leveling tips


Interactive Map Coordinates for 1-70. This is an amazing mod that you install that will uncover your entire map, like Diablo 2 maphack, so that you can see everything before it's uncovered. It also allows you to import the special waypoint system that has every coordinate in there for even faster leveling so you don't have to search for coordinates. This on top of upcoming maps is a great help
I Include class specific Tips for Shamans, Rogues, Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks Yep all 9 classes
This guide is 100% legitimate and will not get you banned. No hacks, bots, or cheats are used
This is not a gold making guide, but my original guide is free on my site, but solo you will find many blue items and have a lot of money using this guide to level
This is a digital guide so you can click each quest. You can print it out to use beside you as well
From noobs to veterans, this guide will help you on all levels.
Whether you want to just know what quests to get or avoid or you want to follow this 100%, this guide will help you out so much you'll never regret it.
You're instantly directed to the members area to download and print your guide
Whether you are using this guide to level as fast as you can or just casually so you don't get stuck, this guide will help you level so much faster than if you didn't know it.
Guide and Interactive Map Mod are compatable for Mac users.
Anything else you want to know just e-mail me

Want a sample of the guide at level 60 starting in Outlands? I'll let you try it out so you can see it in action for yourself.
You will also get news and updates about the guide and other WoW related issues.

Order today and you'll get all updates FREE! So you get all the class guides,
any updated tweaks to the guide, and any updates to the 1-70 Burning Crusade Guides

I Want To Secure My Lifetime Membership To
"Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide"

I Understand that I will have access to the members only website where I can download and print out the entire 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide. I also understand that the guide will help me level with any Alliance race or class faster than I had ever dreamed or even just help to keep me on the right path. I will also get complete access to every "Solo Talent Build" for all 9 classes in World of Warcraft; Shamans, Rogues, Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks

I also understand that this is a lifetime membership and a 60-day guarantee. I also have no obligation to pay ANY monthly fees to gain access to new and updated content to the 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide or the 9 "Solo Talent Build" class guides

Yes, I Agree! I want my lifetime membership for a one-time low investment of only...

The 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide is downloadable, you will be taken to an account creation page to create a login for future updates immediately after payment where you can download your guide. You WILL NOT receive anything in the mail regarding the creation of your account.

You will be taken directly to the account creation page immediately after you complete payment. Should your browser crash or you close out the page before creating it, click the link in your clickbank receipt to get your product and it will take you back to the account creation page. Once you create your account you can then download the 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER BEFORE CREATING AN ACCOUNT

What are you doing reading down here? Why didn’t you order yet?...Oh, you must be one of those skeptics thinking my guide still sounds too good to be true. Probably because of the price. Well I don't care if you think it's too good to be true or if it's too much. It's next to nothing to change your WoW experience and you're missing out if you don't just check it out because I offer a 60 day money back guarantee if it's not for you so what do you have to lose? This guide is not found anywhere else because only I wrote it and can sell it.