Ultimate Wealth Package.

Congratulations on making your way to one of the most important websites on the internet. Most likely you found my website by searching the internet for a home business opportunity or a way to make a few extra dollars online.

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Let me start off by saying this is not another one of those so called Get Rich Quick Scams, this has nothing to do with Multi Level Marketing or anything else like that. This is a legitimate opportunity that people just like you are seeing great results with every single day.

Just last Tuesday I got a call from a guy named Richard who retired from his job only 8 weeks after he started using my program. He was making so much money working from home on his computer that he no longer needed to work a regular job.

Let me tell you a little about Ultimate Wealth Package and what it will do for you. When you purchase Ultimate Wealth Package you will receive your own automated money making website along with step by step training material that will teach you exactly how to start making money right away.

For a limited time only you will also be given free telephone support so you can speak with myself or one of my award winning customer support agents who can help you with any questions you may have along the way. Once you purchase the package I will provide you with a toll free number you can call anytime for help.

I’m sure you want to know exactly how this money making website is going to work for you and what you are going to be selling. Let me first say your website will be completely turn-key and set up for you. You do not need to have any special technical skills in order to make this work for you.

I have a full team of website programmers and technicians who specifically designed this package to make it easy to use for absolutely anyone, even if they have no computer knowledge. There is no need for you to know any computer languages like HTML and you won’t have to build a website because everything will be done for you.

Your website will work similar to the way Wal-Mart works. Wal-Mart does not sell any of their own products and yet they are one of the most profitable companies in the world. Your website will sell other companies products and you will receive a commission for each sale.

This means you don’t have to create, ship or inventory any products. You won’t have to answer any customer support emails or deal with any of the other stresses and headaches that come with selling your own product. The amazing thing is that even though you will be selling other companies products you will receive 75% commission on each sale which means for a $100 sale you received a whopping $75.



Top5 Webhosting Plan

1.Blue Host
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2.IX Web Hosting
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startlogic windows hosting

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MySpace Cash - Chapter 10 - Making Money from Your Own Website(The End)

One of the easiest and most popular way to make revenue from your own website is through the use of a Google Adsense Landing Page. This strategy works best when you have a clear cut niche and target it with the right content.

When the visitor is directed to your webpage the Google Adsense Ads display relevant advertisments for the niche they’re seeking. Once you set it up the right way, its an effortless way to make a great amount of money.

MySpace Cash - Chapter 9 - Making Money with Niches and Affiliate Products

Now that you’ve focused on a particular niche you’ll need to look for a way to monetize it. One of the best ways to get your feet wet without breaking your bank or wasting a whole lot of time it to become an affiliate marketer for an established product.

Affiliate Marketing has become very popular on Myspace, due in large part because there is little or no direct expeditiure to get started. When you become an affiliate of an existing product you don’t have to create anything, stock inventory or bother with refunds.

One thing you do need is to put forward some effort. In order to ultimately achieve success with any product, yours or an affiliate’s will require some work.

MySpace Cash - Chapter 8 - Finding Profitable Niches

A niche market is a narrowly defined group that has the same specialized interests and needs. In order for a niche to be successful it needs to be large enough to produce the amount of revenue potential you wish. It should be comprised of people who have a strong desire for something that you can offer.

Unless you’ve already got an established product you’re selling, your best bet is to do a little niche research to determine what people are looking for and deliver it.

It’s pointless to try to ram just any product down the throat of someone who could care less, when there’s tons of easy money to be made by offering a product that’s sought after.

So before you go running off to find products to sell you should consider what people are currently looking for.

Remember, people buy what they want and not necessarily what they need or what you want them to.

MySpace Cash - Chapter 7 - Unconventional Myspace Marketing Tactics

Before we begin let me say the tactics you’re about to read are not recommended for all circumstances. In fact, using some of them may get your Myspace account deleted if you’re not careful. With that said, use your own judgment when employing the methods below and if by some chance you get caught don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The ultimate goal for any profile is to have as many friends as possible. If you’ve targeted your niche properly, with the right picture and profile, having friends of all types won’t matter. The ones interested in your niche will gravitate toward your profile on autopilot.

Some people find that adding friends quickly can be tedious. This has led many people to turn to Friend Adder programs.

While adding as many friends as possible to a non-themed profile with an Adder program will get you some business, this method won’t be as successful as it could.

The proper method is to apply everything you’ve learned so far to put together a targeted profile, to use proper marketing and create your own groups. Then you’ll really benefit if you decide to use a Friend Adder program.

Myspace only allows up to 500 outgoing friend requests per day. To be on the safe side you should keep your requests to no more than 300 a day. Going higher could get you in trouble because Myspace has been cracking down in this area lately.

You can accept as many incoming requests as you want. Once you’ve attained a certain amount of friends they’ll come pouring in and you won’t need to do a thing.

MySpace Cash - Chapter 6 - Myspace Communication & Marketing Tactics


You can use Myspace to promote an event like a seminar, concert, community event, party or special promotion for your business.

In addition to posting an event on the events page you can send an event invite via bulletin or write a blog about it.

To search the events directory just type a keyword into the search box or choose a category and postal code and click, ‘Find.’

Create an Event

To create an event click ‘Events’ from your Myspace homepage and click ‘Create Event’ from the top right portion of the page.

When you create an event you can specify whether it’s available to the general public or by invite only.

Once you’ve decided on a name for your event you’ll need to chose a category for it and add a description. Next select a start date and time. Finally click ‘Save Event’ to finalize your event creation.

If you’d like to add a picture select ‘Events I’ve Posted,’ then click on the event you’d like to add a picture to. Click ‘Upload / Change Photo’ to do so.

Blog Your Event

You don’t have to be the host of an event to blog about it. Once you find something of interest, you can post a blog about it by clicking ‘Blog this,’ or a bulleting by clicking, ‘Bulletin this.’

Blogging about a popular or featured event is a good way to be seen. To pull it off you’ll want to make a comment at the base of the event page of your choosing and invite others to check it out.

You might also want to send a bulletin out to the people in your group or friends list if you think they’ll find it useful.

Bulletin an Event

You can use the ‘Bulletin this’ feature to send a notice of an event to all of your friends at once. By default you’ll notice that all of the relevant information is automatically included in the bulletin.

You can then type in any extra information you’d like to see included and when you’re satisfied click ‘Post.’

Commenting About an Event

Commenting at the bottom of the page allows people to respond to the event. You’ll see many people commenting just to show their interest in the event even if they’re not planning on attending.

Commenting on some of the popular and featured events is a good way to get noticed. It’s also a good way to get people to check out an event of your own.

Ways to Use Events for Marketing

When most people hear about the event section they immediately think, I don’t have an event so I’ll just skip this section. Let me tell you, posting an event is not as ominous as it sounds. To get involved you just have to do a little brainstorming as to what is event worthy about your product.

Events can really be any special announcement related to your offer. Some examples are the launch of a new product, special podcast, special announcement, seminar or book signing.

If you’re an affiliate you could even go so far as to be the event moderator for an event put on by the maker of a product you promote, MLM Company etc. The trick is to get the word out and continue the funnel of targeted traffic to your profile and on to your off-Myspace offers.

A place I like to go for ideas is PRWeb, it’s a press release site. You’ll find that many press releases are quite similar to events. Browsing through the list you’ll be able to search by industry and get some good ideas for what’s event worthy.

Another great thing about using PRWeb, is that if you decide to make a press release you can immediately get indexed by Google. The words you use in your press release will be picked up by news organizations and you’ll be indexed very quickly. This is a strategy I constantly use that pays off every time.

In fact, this has paid off so well for me that after putting out a press release, I had several people come up to me and say they had read about my product in the news. I had to smile, thinking how the person who put out the release was my-self, appearing as an unbiased news source.

Using this same technique can work wonders for posting your own Myspace Events. Appearing as an unbiased source of information can truly pay off when you apply it correctly.

You’ll need a call to action in the event listing such as a link for more information to an Opt-in list or to your website. Once you’ve perfected it, you can use these little gems to send traffic to your offer repeatedly.

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MySpace Cash - Chapter 5 - Friend Requests & Profile Search

Myspace is currently the most popular site in the United States. It signs up over 500,000 new members a week. As of this writing Myspace has a user database of over 100,000,000 people. Yep, that’s 100 million, and growing.

The best Myspace profile the world’s ever seen won’t make you a single red cent if you’re not marketing. On the flip side, you could be doing all the marketing in the world and not make a single rotten cent if you’re doing it all wrong.

Ok, so what does that mean for you?

MySpace Cash - Chapter 4 - Creating Your Own Profitable Myspace Profile

Here are the steps to creating a profile that works for you 24 hours a day to generate leads and revenue.

The steps detailed below assume you already have a product. If this is not the case you’ll want to read Chapter 8 ¨C Finding Profitable Niches before you take the time to put up your profile.

To better illustrate some of the principles outlined in this book I will use a newly created profile named Christine in examples throughout this book. This profile will be used to demonstrate how to research a target audience, determine the best marketing approach and begin accumulating a large friend network.

MySpace Cash - Chapter 2-3 - Getting Started on Myspace and Develop Your Winning Strategy

Chapter2 tells you how to regester and invite your friends by email , many people know how to do it! So let’s read Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Develop Your Winning Strategy

There are more than 1 billion page views daily on the Myspace servers. In order for you to stand out you need to focus on your primary objectives and develop a winning strategy.

To develop your own winning strategy it’s necessary to put together a business plan. This plan can basically be an overview of what you wish to achieve.

Below you will see various ways to determine your goals and transform them into profits. Write down your responses so you can refer to them and build upon your overall strategy. Writing as you go will help get your creative juices flowing and keep you headed in the right direction. Think about it, write it down and put it to work.

First and foremost you must determine your primary objective and what you want to achieve. Is it your desire to simply sell your products or services, share specific information, generate page views for your site, create a large opt-in email list, or introduce something new to market? Regardless of what it is, it’s necessary to write down your objective before you start.

Believe it or not the vast majority of people marketing on the Internet have no clearly defined goals. To be far superior it is important that you do. This means asking yourself some vital questions and writing down your response. This is absolutely necessary if you wish to jump ahead of 95% of people selling online.

MySpace Cash - Chapter 1 - Introduction

Congratulations and welcome to Myspace Cash Machine. You’re about to discover exactly how to leverage the over 100 million users of Myspace.com to create a steady stream, or depending on your effort, a tidal wave of visitors to your website, product or service.

Currently Myspace is experiencing approximately 32 billion page views a month. It has surpassed Internet powerhouses Yahoo, MSN and Google and has increased in usage a whopping 367% from 2005 to 2006.

All this popularity has impacted peer to peer interaction heavily, resulting in a huge shift in the future of communication. In a world where people were accustomed to asking, “What’s your phone number?” they are now heard asking “What’s your Myspace?”

The lines of communication are being redrawn with more opportunities than ever to expose your product or service to the world. If you haven’t yet, you should be starting to grasp the implications of this amazing phenomenon called Myspace. It has the ability to serve as a platform to enable you to gain incredible amounts of exposure and best of all, it’s free.


Web Hosting Affiliate Programs: An Concise Collection of Money Makers

Web hosting is a very competitive market and affiliate programs are often created by web hosting companies in a bid to obtain more customers. According to each web hosting affiliate program, you’ll earn a commission when you refer a customer who purchases a hosting plan.

For web hosts, there’s nothing easier than getting other people to promote their web hosting services for them. The returns in investment for each new customer is usually high as well, because each signup gives the web host recurring income over the long run.

For webmasters, bloggers and internet marketers, web hosting affiliate programs can be a rather lucrative source of income.

You’ve probably seen many web hosting ads on numerous websites all over the internet. These web hosting affiliate programs work well for almost all types of websites, particularly if you are offering a site-building or website consultation service for clients or businesses.

One particular benefit of affiliate programs for web hosts is that they offer high commission rates which can range from a minimum of $60 to over a hundred dollars just for referring a single customer who purchases a web hosting plan.

How do I Make Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

There are several ways to make some money of web hosting affiliate programs. You can create a website or blog solely dedicated to web hosting or simply include the affiliate links and banners on your existing websites.

I would recommend creating a pre-sell page instead of linking directly to the web host. An honest and objective review of a web host you are familiar with usually does wonders in webmaster referrals.

You can leverage existing traffic from your website or use PayPerClick advertising to send targeted visitors to any specific webpage. The goal is to get as many interested individuals to click through on your affiliate links as possible.

Dosh Dosh’s List of Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Here is a list of web hosting affiliate programs I’ve found to be the most lucrative. There are a great number of web hosts and I’ve only picked the larger ones with established affiliate programs and tracking systems.

In terms of sheer monetary potential, I would recommend going with MidPhase, DreamHost and HostiCan. If you are looking for second tier earnings, affiliate programs you can use include LunarPages, HostiCan and DreamHost.

1. BlueHost

By driving customers to sign-up at BlueHost.Com, you will receive $65.00 per referral. Through your personal Affiliate login and their online administration you can view click-through ratios of your links or banner promotions.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo’s program structure is simple: The more customers you refer, the more you earn. You get $60 to $70 for each Yahoo! Web Hosting customer and based on volume, you can make up to $100 per referral. Yahoo also pays 20% of the total sale for each Yahoo! Domains customer.

3. Hostgator

Hostgator utilizes a commission scale. Referring 1 to 5 customers a month will make you $50 per sale and 20+ customers a month will earn you $125 per sale. Payment is monthly via Paypal.

4. LunarPages

You earn $65.00 for every new customer you refer to Lunarpages from YOUR website. Refer advertisers to sign up for LunarPages’s affiliate program and earn $5 for every new customer they refer to LunarPages.

5. IX Web Hosting

Sign up customers through their affiliate program and receive commissions starting at $50 up to $150 for each signup (varies depending on the hosting plan and billing cycle). Commissions are paid no later than the first week of each month following the first 30-days after the sale that achieves the minimum level was made.

6. MidPhase

MidPhase’s affiliate program covers four different webhosts (Midphase, Autica, Thrill host and AN Hosting) and commissions range from $25 to $85 per sale, depending on which host you promote. Payments are made every two weeks via check. Cookies are set for one year and premium rates exist for premium publishers who are able to send over 20 signups a month.

7. DreamHost

You can choose to receive substantial one-time credits for each of your referrals, or recurring credits for every payment that your referrals ever make to DreamHost. For one time payments, a new customer you send to Dreamhost will make you $97 and each customer your referral sends will earn you $5.

For recurring payments, You’ll earn 10% of every payment that your referrals ever make and 5% of every payment that their referrals make - for as long as they remain customers too. Credits can be paid out via PayPal or check, or applied to a hosting bill with DreamHost.com.

8. HostiCan

Affiliates will receive $70 for the first 4 successful sales and then $90 per successful sale. Commissions are only paid for qualifying and approved sales. You will earn $5 extra for every sale that a sub affiliate makes for HostICan.

Commissions are paid one time a month for all verified and approved sales. Payment is made via Paypal. Performing affiliates have the advantage of earning $250 bonus for 25 new referrals per month, $500 bonus for 50 new referrals per month, and $1000 bonus for 100 new referrals per month.

**Do note that affiliate links were used for DreamHost, HostiCan and LunarPages.

Future Web Hosting Affiliate Updates

This post will be updated to include other web hosting affiliate programs I come across in the future. I’m quite sure that I’ll add a lot more web hosts to this article so do feel free to bookmark it for reference purposes.