Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits

The Internet's Fastest, Easiest And Laziest 'Plug-And-Play' System For Making Immediate Money Online...Introducing...

"The Turnkey Money Machine That Prints Non-Stop Profits For You Automatically, The Lazy Way!"Once You Turn On This Plug-And-Play In-A-Box Money System, It Can't Stop Sending You Cash...Even If You Want It To!

Dear Friend,

Now that I have your attention, I'm going to smack you upside the head with an automatic, plug-and-play profit system even a monkey could use.

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Literally minutes per day, on days I choose to work at all - and even if I don't do a thing.

The rest of the time, the system runs on complete autopilot, and just dumps money into my accounts without me having to lift a finger!

If you're new to online marketing and you're looking for how to get started FAST, this is it.

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Auto Pilot Profits is one of Ewen Chia's latest Internet marketing entures."Autopilot profits" is the latest offering by Ewan. It's a 59-page e-book that is designed to send truck loads of traffic to you…followed by truckloads of cash.The product is definitely geared towards beginners and focuses on promoting others products online.
Ewan Chia has written many influential e-books and programs that have made many people a whole lot better off. His titles include "Ewen Chias Secret Affiliate Weapon", "Ewen Chias super affiliates".

Imagine Seeing Cash In Minutes From Now!

I'm going to give you a true plug-and-play, in-a-box system literally anybody—no matter what your skill level—can understand and use to generate cash in hours or even minutes from now!

This is as close to an honest "set it and forget it" system you'll ever find.

All you have to do is plug in some traffic, and watch the money roll in like a tsunami. And I'm going to give you killer strategies for getting more traffic than Manhattan at rush hour, mostly at zero cost.

Some online gurus will tell you it takes time to build an online business. But I'm here to tell you it does NOT take much time to see cash.

Lots of cash. So much cash you might think it's illegal. Trust me, it's not.

And that's spendable cash in your bank account. You can use your cash to buy that expensive sports car you've had your eye on, upgrade to a new house, take that dream trip you've been putting off until you "made it" online...whatever you want!
  • You don't need any of the stuff that takes a long time to set up...
  • You don't need to spend time creating a technically beautiful website (you don't need a site at all).
  • You don't need to hunt for a winning product to sell.
  • You don't need to spend big bucks on great sales copy.
  • You don't need employees, or inventory, or any of the things that make a "business" a pain in the neck.
  • You don't even need a single idea of your own.
It might take you an hour or two to read and digest this system (if you take your sweet time about it)। All you have to do is exactly what I tell you to do.

COMPLETE Set Of Easy To Follow, "Do-This-Then-Do-That" Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!
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These extremely revealing step-by-step videos cover everything you need to know to be up and running with your Autopilot Profit™ System immediately after you're done watching.

I wasn't going to include these, but I know some people learn better with their eyes and ears. And believe me, the videos take this from no-brainer to almost unconsciously easy.

With the blueprint, plus these videos, you'll have everything you need to start printing money 24/7 right away...legally.

You're Getting Financial Freedom For Pennies...

Tired of messing around? Weary of banging your head against the wall? Then skip past all the pain, and jumpstart your profits NOW...

When the price goes up to $97.00 anytime now, don't be kicking yourself over the fact you could've taken advantage of this for almost nothing.

Sometimes in life, you have to decide to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps, take action and make things happen...

I'm giving you all the tools, and a complete in-a-box system you can pick up, flip the switch and start collecting cash in just minutes from now so do the right thing...

PS. Get in NOW,It's going to happen, but you can get in now on the ground floor and download the entire Autopilot ProfitsTM System for just pennies on the dollar...


Water4gas - Water Car Run on WATER+Fuel

Do You Want To Know RIGHT NOW How You Can Drive Around Using WATER as FUEL and Laugh At Rising Gas Costs, While Reducing Emissions and Preventing Global Warming?

100% water cars are still on the drawing board - but I'm excited to show you how you can start RIGHT NOW to...

Convert Your Car to BURN WATER as well as Gasoline - to Double Your Mileage!

Did you know that you can convert your car to a water-burning car?
  • This is a Do-It-Yourself, very affordable (under $200) and EASY technology.
  • Water is supplemental to gasoline - I boosted fuel economy by 107% (=more than double the mileage) in my blue Toyota Corolla shown below (61.13 MPG in Sep.2007). In other words, now more than half the energy comes from water!
  • SIMPLE to install/remove: the solution you've been looking for!
  • Boost performance while preventing smog.
  • We even have for you a dozen blueprints for 100% water cars.
  • You'll discover how to generate free energy in your car.
  • You will find testimonials of happy customers.

The movie below shows a broad agreement that water is the solution to our energy problems and also that petrol dependency of the US is a national security hazard!We offer a cost effective, immediate solution to the "energy crisis" and pollution - right now. Something YOU can do NOW, using water.technology provides you with a great ENTRY-LEVEL solution you can install in a few minutes without engine modifications, you start driving, and the next thing you know - you start thinking: "Hey, something CAN be done about it!"

I don't expect you to believe in 100% watercars. You see, your belief level has to rise step by step. Free energy is hard to believe until it's actually happening under your own hood. Until you see it in your energy bills. In April 2006 I was skeptic too. So start with this first easy step.
We open the door for you - Welcome to FREE ENERGY!

How Does It Work?

It's very simple. You don't change your engine or computer. A quart-size (95O cc) container is placed somewhere under the hood. You fill it with DISTILLED WATER and a little bit of BAKING SODA. The device gets vacuum and electricity (12 Volts) from the engine, and produces HHO gas (Hydrogen+Oxygen). The HHO gas is supplied to the engine's intake manifold or carburetor as shown below.

Our design is simple, effective and safe. Don't worry, you will get full instructions and diagrams that make it simple and clear. It takes a couple of minutes to connect.
The electrical connection is very simple - we have eliminated the need to use relays or any other complications. The device connects to the 12 Volts of your battery via the ignition switch, to prevent hydrogen production when the engine is off. The device is fuse protected and draws very little current, only 1-3 Amps! This takes 10 minutes or less to connect.Due to our unique design - stainless steel SPIRALS rather than PLATES - this device produces HHO gas for less electric power out of your battery (compared to older technology based on stainless steel plates). The spirals are also very easy to make BY HAND, compared to the plates that require expensive machinery to cut and process.

How Much Money Will You Save?

Every car is different, and we cannot promise exact numbers, but here's what we have experienced.

On November 7, 2006, this man, Tom Lang of South Pasadena, CA, has improved MPG by over 41% using 1 device in his GMC Vandura. I examined his MPG measuring method that same day, and found it very accurate. In December 2006 he achieved almost 50% MPG gain after a minor tuning of the carb. His brother Bill Lang of Clearwater, FL, reports MPG improvement on the average of 35% in twelve test cars.

Peter M. from Connecticut (see testimonials) gained a 37% mileage improvement the very first day of using our system on his Toyota truck.Recently Glenn A. from Pennsylvania reported 70% better mileage.What Am I Getting Here?

When you place an order below you will receive instant access to a pair of very informative, very revealing no-secrets-held e-Books (download only electronic books):
(Book 1) "Modify Your Car to Save Gas USING WATER!!!" and (Book 2) "How to Save Tons of Fuel With Your Hydrogen-On- Demand System".Book 1 is about the technology itself, while Book 2 is about the money, it shows you how to use THIS technology to save $$$.

In my e-books you will discover step-by-step instructions to EASILY and AFFORDABLY assemble the powerful water-fuel system shown below for as low as $60, using simple tools at home, and how to save yourself a lot of money every time you drive.

You can assemble this Hydrogen-On-Demand system from simple hardware in one weekend. We have specifically designed it with YOU in mind - for easy assembly at home using a few basic tools - and its major parts are:
1. Electrolyzer (some call it "Hydrogen Generator"): Our unique design has SPIRAL electrodes rather than plates, thus producing MORE HHO - for LESS energy from the battery. Contained in a quart-size highly durable jar. Looks fragile but it's not! We've never seen any of these jars break or crack, in thousands of miles of day-to-day road tests and I'm still using the same jar from 2006.

2. MAP Sensor Enhancer: this electronic device reduces fuel consumption without modifying the engine or the computer – an absolute must have for great fuel economy!

3. Vaporizer: ads water vapor to the engine to cool it down, improves combustion and fuel economy. Also serves as part of the "charged water system" that you will learn about.

4. Fuel Heater: pre-heats your gasoline for better gas economy, using only energy from the radiator that gets wasted otherwise. Absolutely NO modifications done to the radiator or its hoses!

5. PCV Enhancer: another great companion to your hydrogen system that improves the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) function, protects your engine and saves gas.

6. Fuse holder + wiring. Connect to the 12 volts.

7. Vacuum T-connector: helps you splice the vacuum line for feeding the hydrogen and oxygen into the engine.

8. Two vacuum hoses, 3.5 feet each. One connects to the intake manifold, the other to the air filter.

9. Mechanical installation hardware: Bungee cords, 8" cable straps (for Electrolyzer), 11" cable straps (for Fuel Heater), flex tubing (to protect the wiring harness), and 1/4" vinyl tubing.

10. Catalyst: household Baking Soda - totally safe catalyst! Catalyst is the substance that helps the electricity separate water into HHO. Distilled water alone does not conduct electricity so nothing would happen without this material. Can be obtained cheaply at your grocery store.

11. You will have everything you need to successfully install, operate and fine-tune your Water4Gas system for maximum fuel economy - "Just Add Water!"
IMPORTANT: You'll get both of the VITAL e-books shown below, so you can save the most gasoline and make the best out of this technology. These e-books complement each other: they teach you about the same system but from two different perspectives - Book#1 (to the left) is all about the technology, and Book #2 is all about the money. It does not matter so much in which order you read them, but it wouldn't make much sense if you had one e-book but not the other. In other words these e-books are a powerful bundle.

These e-books are the result of 23 years of research of myself and the Water4Gas team (mainly Bill Lang and Tom Lang of Gulf Laboratories), backed up by 90 years of development by practically 1000's of experimenters. I wish I could write it in one easy afternoon like some of the books sold on the Internet... But no, it took me 16 hard months of gathering information, building almost 200 systems with my own hands, shooting photographs and videos, doing road tests night after night and documenting my trail so you can now follow my footsteps with ease!

You can already see that this technology is extensive। Yes, it could still be a scam - and that's exactly why you should check it out for yourself. Your satisfaction is guaranteed both by Water4Gas and the e-book vendor so you can get your money back and it will cost you nothing if you find this technology impractical.
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You Will Discover How To Transform ONE Set of Hardware
into FIVE Hydrogen Systems

1. HHO/BROWN'S GAS GENERATOR (people call it "Hydrogen Generator" but as I said HHO is more powerful than pure Hydrogen), consisting of the Electrolyzer, wiring harness, hoses and installation accessories. Works with Pure Baking Soda in distilled water. Will boost performance in most cars. So far has boosted MPG by as much as 70%, but more realistically 10%-50% expected.

2. WATER VAPOR BOOSTING SYSTEM, consisting of the Vaporizer, hoses and installation accessories. Works with tap water. Not as powerful as system #1 but can still boost your car's power and mileage by 10%-15%. Very simple, easy to replicate in 5 minutes.

3. CHARGED WATER SYSTEM, a unique invention making use of BOTH JARS with distilled water, Pure Baking Soda as well as tap water and hydrogen peroxide (cheap non-hazardous liquid from your drugstore or dollar store). Instructions will be given to you, and you will find this system very interesting. You will need a small aquarium pump and a cellphone charger. This revolutionary use of simple everyday hardware has made cars in Florida and Montana improve fuel economy by 50%.

4. ADVANCED HHO BOOSTING SYSTEM. This system is the best of the best and consists of the Electrolyzer (with the wiring harness, hoses and installation accessories), enhanced by the PCV Enhancer, Fuel Heater and above all MAP Sensor Enhancer. Works with Pure Baking Soda in distilled water. Works best in newer cars (1996 and newer). So far has boosted MPG by 107% (double mileage and a bit more).

5. HEALTHY DRINKING WATER MAKER, a unique use of BOTH JARS with distilled water, Pure Baking Soda as well as filtered water (no hydrogen peroxide this time). Here too you will need a small aquarium pump and a cellphone charger. UNIQUE system that you cannot find anywhere else - rivals drinking water chargers costing $2,500-$6,000, yet you will learn to make it for $20-$50.

  1. FREE BONUS #1: Exclusive Access to Real-Life Systems and Installers.
  2. Some as low as $45, some offer Free Shipping Worldwide!
  3. FREE BONUS #2: "Free Energy Secrets" by Patrick J. Kelly
  4. FREE BONUS #3: Blueprints for 100%-Water Cars
  5. FREE BONUS #4: "How To Maximize Your Tax Write-Offs For Car & Truck Expenses"
In Short...
stop waste STOP Spending $1,200 or More Every Year on WASTED Fuel...
stop waste STOP Emitting Heat and Pollution into The Air You Breathe!
start START Enjoying a Smooth, Quiet Ride - and Longer Engine Life!
start START a Stealth Attack on Crazy Gas Prices...and even EARN EXTRA INCOME at Home!


Profitlance Reviews

Question: Are you frustrated because you've tried just about every program, product and technique to become financially free but keep being let down every single time? If so, I’ve got great news...

What if I could show you the quickest way to make from $200 to $1500 per day doing nothing but working at home with your computer - and get you started in less than fifteen minutes from now?

Dear Friend,

I know all about your worries. That's because I was once in that same situation.
  • Not knowing how to pay my next bill
  • Detesting the job I am forced to do
  • Being made ill by all that over time
  • reaming all day long about mansions, swimming pools and super cars
  • Worried about the welfare of my kids
Just imagine how your life would become if you knew what it really takes to creating more money that you have ever dreamed you could make? What if you had the knowledge, skills, tools and resources that allowed you to generate hundreds of dollars, every day, totally on autopilot. In fact, what if you developed the knowledge and skills that allowed you to make money from your ideas at will ...

  1. All that stress suddenly vanishes
  2. You can fire your boss and tell him where to shove it
  3. Take holidays whenever you want and for as long as you want
  4. Be proud of the car and house that you actually own
  5. Give your children a rich, fun and fulfilling childhood ...
Now I don't know about you, but this sure was the thing that motivated me in my desire to become financially free ...

The truth is that ...

You Can Now Finally Start Living The Life You've Always Been Dreaming About

It has never before, in the whole of history, been easier for the average person to make "boatloads" of cash in the quickest possible time ... all from the Internet.

As time progresses, due to the expansion and uptake of the Internet, markets grow and new ones are created, hundreds, if not thousands, by the day. This means that there is now literally an inexhaustible number of ways of making money online - but only for those who take action quick.

If you can develop the right type of knowledge and develop the right skills, you can literally create "money-on-demand". Better still, if you have an automated system, and know the real secrets the "gurus" keep hidden, you are far ahead of 99% of people trying to make it big online.

This is what my Profit Lance System is. A "money-on-demand" system. The Profit Lance System and Automated Wealth Course has a member’s area designed to get you the knowledge and understand of how to become profitable online. When you login to the members area you immediately have access to manuals and articles as well as instructional videos.You get you own websites that already come with their own hosting.

What The Profit Lance Automated Wealth Course Is Not ...

I must make it absolutely clear what the Profit Lance System is not:
  • You do NOT have to be an Internet Expert
  • You will NOT be participarting in any MLM scheme
  • You will NOT need to invest in any business premises
  • You will NOT need to hold any products or any stock
  • You will NOT need to ship or deliver anything
  • You will NOT need to struggle learning how to advertise
  • You will NOT need to spend more than a few hours per week
  • You will NOT need to buy anything more after you join
  • You will NOT need a lot of money to get started
  • You will NOT need much time to do it
The only thing that you need to have to is an extremely strong desire to become very rich!

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, the Profit Lance System is open to anyone, anywhere.

A Unique Multiple Income System

The Profit Lance System and Automated Wealth Course is a private members login area that is professionally developed. It consists of scores of individual components, including manuals, articles, ready-made and ready hosted websites unique to you (and you pay nothing), individual items of software and online management tools. It is cutting edge and is constantly maintained and updated - it is NOT a one off e-book download - which is what you get with 99% of all other programs advertised online. You are given practical tasks to perform in form of predefined projects. You get direct first hand experience of the techniques, and you are made to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it fits into the overall scheme of things.

If you have been scammed and ripped with offers for "data entry jobs" and "type at home" schemes or other make money products whose owners are just interested in making as much money as possible from you, you can be totally assured that this system is on a totally different level. I can guarantee that this system will provide every little detail for all of the real long term money making methods. You will be investing in a complete education on the ins and outs of marketing online - not just a cheap e-book guide.

This is not a 50-100 page outline of money making methods - which is what every other so called program gives you. It is a complete self-contained course and system, along with free websites, productivity tools, manuals and software. To put all of this together would cost you a huge amount of money (literally tens of thousands of dollars), a considerable level of technical expertise, and a very long time.

All of the specific techniques and the specific skills you will learn have been tested and they earn not just me, but thousands of others who have acquired them, a full online income.

Start Your Risk-Free Evaluation Now And Get These Limited Bonuses

Bonus #1: Twelve Money-Making Websites Already Set Up And Hosted!
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Bonus #4: My Google Success Formula
Bonus #5: Over 50 "Over The Shoulder" Video Tutorials

P.S.Don't leave this page empty handed. You've got a whole 8 weeks to evaluate Profit Lance without risking anything. If you would like a refund at any time during the 8 weeks simply email me. You'll get a refund with no questions asked. Even if you do ask for a refund, you will have benefited from the outstanding education and training you will receive. So its completely risk free.


Build a Niche Store: create an eBay affiliate ministore

Join the fastest growing money making concept on the web...

Using BANS to build your own portfolio of money making eBay affiliate websites just like these!

So What Is BANS?

Build A Niche Store (BANS) is a complete system for building a network of traffic pulling, money making niche websites focused around the eBay affiliate opportunity. Simply choose your niche...build and develop your site...promote...make money...rinse and repeat!
You simply choose your niche...build and develop your site...promote...make money...rinse and repeat.

That's the system and that's exactly what Build A Niche Store enables you to do!

But beware! More and more of our customers are reporting that they have become “BANS Addicted”.

Symptoms include:

1. Obsessive thinking about building an eBay affiliate empire,
2. Absenteeism from work due to the need to “get the next store built”,
3. A refusal to sleep,
4. Hyperactivity when logging into Commission Junction to check their sales stats.

Then read on and see why everyone is getting addicted to using BANS!
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So How Does It Work?

Successfully using BANS revolves around following a simple 5 step system...

Step 1: Choose Your Country

Your country choice will determine which specific eBay marketplace products you will be marketing.

If you choose eBay.com then you will be creating niche websites focused around eBay.com listed products and will then be marketing them to online shoppers in the United States.

If you choose the United Kingdom you will be doing the same for the eBay.co.uk marketplace and UK based shoppers and so forth.

Step 2: Choose Your Niche

With your target country chosen you then install BANS and once installed your first choice inside your new BANS admin panel is the niche you want to target.

If you choose the golf category BANS will build a golf eBay affiliate store, the diamond rings category then a diamond ring eBay affiliate store.

Straight out of the box your store will:

1. Contain all of those products listed on eBay relevant to your chosen niche.
2. Contain a sub-category navigation based on eBay’s hierarchical category structure.
3. Have all the search features of the eBay marketplace.
4. Have your eBay affiliate id embedded into each of the external product links to eBay.
5. Be completely SEO friendly.

Stage 2 is complete…

Step 3: Develop Your New Website To “Match Your Market”

With your basic store built next comes development…

BANS is a complete content management system with the development features to match any professional website builder.

The aim with this development stage is to “match your market” which means – make it feel like it’s related to your target niche (through design) and add width and depth to it through the Store Page and Content Page features.

With a little bit of time spent inside your BANS admin panel you can transform your straight out of the box store into one which is themed to your niche and has store pages which target keywords that your market is actually using to find the products listed in your store.

Once you get into content creation you can add as many new pages to your site as you are willing to write or get written. As with any website or blog, every new page you add targets more keywords in the search engines which means more targeted traffic and more eBay affiliate commissions.

Again all of this development is done online and whilst logged into your BANS admin panel.

Step 4: Market Your Website To Your Target Niche

Once you’re “happy” with your new niche store it’s time to turn your attention towards marketing.

If you’ve targeted golf then you want to attract golfers interested in purchasing specific pieces of golf equipment, if it’s a used motorcycle store that you’ve built then you’re looking for those people who are about to buy a new bike.

By following a basic set of marketing principles including content creation, SEO, article marketing, forum marketing, Squidoo lenses, social bookmarking, link building, USFreeads and PPC you will soon be finding buyers for the products you have chosen to market and will be making a steady supply of eBay affiliate commissions. (Please note that there are a growing number of threads in our member forum that discuss these strategies).

At this stage you can then choose to spend some more time developing your niche store (particularly adding more content pages), pursue a more aggressive marketing strategy, or…

Step 5: Begin Building Your eBay Affiliate Empire

Once you have familiarized yourself with the software and have built, developed and marketed your first site you will have a good understanding of how the system works.

You can then begin adding to your niche store portfolio by building new stores to target new niche markets.

If you commit to the project, take action and use our member forum as a support structure for your development you will soon find yourself with your own growing portfolio of eBay affiliate websites which are successfully funnelling buyers through to eBay and adding a nice monthly income to your bank account!

There are no pre-set limits as to the depth of each store that you create or the width of your entire portfolio…you get back what you put in…and with a product inventory of over 60 million products to market there are more opportunities than it will ever be possible to target.

And That's All There Is To It...

Choose your country, choose your niche, develop your site, market your site, rinse and repeat!

If you follow this system you will find that BANS is the perfect platform for building up a new and long term income from the internet.

To get started with BANS please click on the purchase image below where you will find details of the complete BANS package...


SureFire Trading Review

This Method Is So Effective That Your Broker Will Think You Can Time Travel!

How do you become a trading genius that effortlessly makes one great trade after another?It doesn't matter if you trade Forex, Futures, Stocks, Commodities or any market for that matter. This code that I am talking about will rock everything you have ever learned about trading!

Sure Fire Forex Trading with 113 pdf pages of information about trading the Forex. Broadly speaking this book is broke down into 5 main parts. (1) Introduction to the Forex market. (2) Beginners guide to trading. (3) Componets of the trading system. (4) The trading method (5) Advanced trading method. Also covered in this book are Fibonacci, Money Management, Probability, Risk reward Ratio, Risk Probability Calculator and much, much more!

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How To Trade The Forex Market With A Secret Trading Formula Only a Handful Of Traders Know
5 years of research to produce the most deadly accurate trading system ever.

"How Much Are You Losing Using The Wrong Trading Plan Or System?"

I've seen some amazing systems. I have witnessed phenomenal track records, and have worked with some of the brightest minds in trading.
The image “http://www.surefire-trading.com/images/sfft.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
How To Trade The Futures Market (Best Seller)

On the Internet it is hard to know who to believe; there are so many people making big claims, claims that their products simply do not live up to. I truly believe that any trader, whether novice or experienced, will gain valuable and profitable insights into trading by reading my course.
The image “http://www.surefire-trading.com/images/Book2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Trading For Beginners (Best Seller)

The secrets of scientific trading are revealed in this must have amazing book. Year after year new and experienced traders have been amazed by the straight talk, no nonsense approach to trading. This should be the first and most important book in your library.

"Who Else Want's To Trade Like A Pro.."

Join up for our absolutely FREE Trading Lessons and learn how to turn losers into winners with laser sharp accuracy.

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How To Be the Woman Men Adore - by Bob Grant

"How to Captivate a Man, Make Him Fall in Love with You -- and Give You the World!"The secret to understanding men -- and using it to your advantage - by Bob Grant, L.P.C. - "The Relationship Doctor"

How to Be the Woman Men Adore ... and Never Want to Leave.Have you ever met the kind of woman ...
  • that men fall hopelessly in love with
  • with whom men want to spend all their time
  • whom men want to please and do anything for
  • who brings out the romantic and passionate side of a man; and
  • to whom men want to give everything?
What special quality, trait, or personality does this woman have that men find attractive and draws them like a magnet, makes men powerless in her hands, and makes them want to spend their lives with her?

I've personally met many women like this -- and here's the startling observation I've made: These women are not necessarily the most beautiful, the tallest, the smartest, the one with the most gorgeous hair, sexy legs or the most ample breasts, as one might think!

A look back in history reveals the likes of ...

... homely divorcée Wallis Simpson, for whom the Duke of Windsor abdicated
the throne of England;
... the early-twentieth-century French writer Colette (described as having
a "frightful" appearance), who managed to have numerous male conquests;
... Martha Gellhorn, the plain-looking scholar for whom Ernest Hemingway
became love-sick and never recovered;
... Mumtaz, for whom the Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal; and
... Camilla Parker Bowles, who won the heart of Prince Charles.

And then, of course, there's Barbra Streisand, who captured the heart of, and later married, the handsome actor James Brolin. In fact, she reportedly refused his many marriage proposals before finally agreeing to be his wife.

These kinds of women know the secret to creating magic with men. And here's the good news for you, if you're like most women who struggle with relationship trouble. The ability to create magic with men is NOT really magic at all. It’s a skill which can be learned by any woman -- and that includes you!

Before I tell you how to acquire that secret skill (which already resides inside you, though dormant), let me ask you a question:

Why Do Most Women Struggle in Their Relationships with Men?

There are many reasons why women have relationship trouble, but as I mentioned before, the main reason is that women simply don't understand men. If a woman really understood men, she'd know how to effortlessly attract men like a magnet, make men powerless in her hands, have them treat her like a queen, and give her everything her heart desires.

The main obstacle women face in their effort to understand men is that they turn to all the wrong things: They seek advice from their girlfriends, who are just as clueless as they are in figuring men out; and they read dime-store relationship advice from women's magazines.

If you're like most women, you probably love talking to your girlfriends about your relationship troubles, and -- yikes! -- asking them for relationship advice. Unless your girlfriend happens to be a professional relationship therapist, who has counseled many couples towards successful relationships -- and unless she herself has a successful relationship with a man (very important!) -- it's unwise to take relationship advice or tips from your girlfriend (or your mother, sister, cousin or aunt, for that matter).

By all means, seek the listening ear of a girlfriend if you simply want to unburden -- and if talking to your girlfriend makes you feel better. But always remember that talking to your girlfriends (as depicted accurately in the once-popular Sex and the City TV series), fosters deeper and better friendships with your girlfriends -- but does nothing to improve your relationships with men.

Now, don't get me wrong. Some of your girlfriends might indeed have the wisdom to give you good advice -- but that advice will almost always be based only on their own limited experience and observation. Just because your girlfriend has had an experience similar to yours doesn't mean her advice applies to your situation.

I chuckle every time I remember the story of a woman who spent hours on the phone with her girlfriend discussing why her boyfriend was giving her the silent treatment, and what she might have done to provoke it, and what she could do to get him talking again. All the while, her boyfriend was just not in a talkative mood because he was worrying that the carburetor in his car wasn't working right!
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eduction is 99% Mental Sorcery

While a woman's sexual skills and good cooking are always appreciated by men, seduction is 99% mental sorcery. Over the years, I've wanted to teach this and other powerful relationship principles to more than just the female clients who are able to travel to my office in Georgia for relationship counseling.

So I devised a way to share my relationship advice and tips so that women all over the world can learn to understand men and develop successful relationships with men – no matter where they live! So I've written a 115-page E-book titled The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave, wherein I reveal all the details of how you can entice a man, make him fall in love with you, and give you the world -- just by using closely guarded secrets that I've compiled over the last 17 years.

For example, on page 110, I reveal a very powerful relationship technique that every woman (who wants to know how to inspire her man to consistently search for ways to please her) can use. It works like a charm. All you have to do is say 3 sentences to him -- I give the exact word-for-word "script". Once you say those words, it's like effortlessly casting a spell over him. He won't be able to get you off his mind -- and will look for every opportunity to please you.

Wouldn't you want to know what those 3 sentences are?

And if you think that's exciting, wait till you see all the other mouth-watering secrets I reveal in The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave. Take a sneak peek below:
  1. 5 things men crave that women don't know about -- Nothing in the world is more exhilarating for a man than these -- and if you give them to him, you'll have his undying devotion. (See pages 106-110)
  2. The main reason why men choose to get married (or stay married) to a particular woman. This can be summed up in 5 words. Carve these words in your heart and never forget them. (See page 20)
  3. The powerful ability a woman possesses that causes men to be interested in her -- even if she isn’t the tallest, smartest, or the most beautiful woman around. Not even looks, sex appeal, money, power, or prestige rate as high as this ability when it comes to making yourself irresistible to men -- and you can easily have it with a little practice. (See page 33)
  4. Do you know what's the No. 1 "man repellant" in existence? Ignore this and you'll make him feel incapable of being your hero. This could very well be a major reason as to why "he's just not that into you." (See page 27)
  5. How to speak in a way that hypnotizes a man into feeling safe so that he'll allow you to influence him with no resistance. (See page 16)
  6. How to be yourself and still be loved by a man – I'll show you how to find the courage to be imperfect and be loved in spite of it -- and teach you how to remove the “layers’ that keep a man from knowing and loving you. (See page 64)
  7. Pinpoint exactly what you’re doing that makes men NOT want to be close to you. How to tell if you're unknowingly sending off a signal that says "You can only get this close, and that's it." (See page 8)
  8. How to make a man do what you want him to do – and make him think it was his idea! (See page 23).
  9. How to influence or shape your man's opinion with the power of words -- even if he doesn’t see the need to change. How you influence him will affect his behavior toward you -- for better or for worse. (See page 97)
  10. Discover the secret to making a man feel understood by you. Master this secret and you can ask your man for almost anything, and he’d be willing to give it. (See page 94)
  11. How to use your femininity to disarm a man, break down his defenses -- and turn him into a caring and sensitive man you've always wanted. (See page 32)
  12. How to master the art of perfect timing to get what you want in a relationship. (See pages 94-96)
  13. Why you should not compete with your man -- and when to allow your man to be your superior. Even when you're capable of being his equal, trying to be his equal in certain areas will drive him away, and won’t lead to the intimacy you crave. (See page 73)
  14. How to use your innate feminine power to make a man powerless to resist you. This is what separates women that men fall in love with from those that men ignore and take for granted. (See page 15)
  15. The things a woman does that makes a man shut down and feel alienated from her. If you're doing these things, you may be sabotaging your relationship. (See page 34)
  16. The kiss of death in a relationship -- and how to avoid it. (See page 96)
  17. The ultimate secret that will give you more influence with men than you've ever imagined. This might sound silly -- but it works like magic when it comes to persuading men to your way of thinking. (See page 78)
  18. The part of your body that serves as a strong elixir, which men want to be held captive to. No, it's not your breasts, legs or derrière. Use this part of your body to the hilt and you'll have him wrapped around your little finger. (See page 109)
  19. How to make a man feel cherished by you, and as a result, he will want to spend more time with you and want to be around you more. (See page 94)
  20. Why some women drive away good men or continually pick losers – How to tell the difference between impulses and feelings, so that you'll never again allow the intensity of impulses guide you to a poor choice in men. (See page 38)
  21. How to be strong by being vulnerable - Women who know how to use vulnerability as a relationship device are always astonished by the impact they make on a man. (See page 10)
  22. How to determine if you have “barbed wire around your heart” – and how to let that defensive weapon down and allow a man to love you. (See page 51-53)
  23. How to take advantage of a man's natural predisposition to make him do everything possible to make you happy. (See page 72)
  24. What do men really find attractive about a woman? A survey of hundreds of men reveals that it's not a woman's breasts, legs or derrière that they always consider more attractive. It's something you already have, and when you crank it up to mega-watt brilliance, you'll maximize your sex appeal. (See pages 33-34)
  25. The # 1 problem that couples face. This problem is like a cancer that permeates all other areas of your life -- and I show you 3 ways to overcome it. (See page 45)
  26. Why Men Don’t Listen – The "Reflective Listening" technique you can do that will make a man eagerly listen to what you’re saying as if it were pure gold. (See pages 103)
  27. The 4 words that all women should memorize in order to have successful relationships with men. These words point to a fundamental difference between men and women that you must never forget. (See page 14)
  28. The "Truth List" Exercise - A magical technique for uncovering the special qualities that men (and people in general) find attractive in you. This will enable you to allow those qualities to surface -- thereby boosting your confidence along the way. Men find confidence absolutely sexy! (See pages 61-62)
  29. How not to let your past hurts sabotage your chance of having successful relationships. (See page 52)
The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave is the "first and last of its kind” relationship book that will show you how to completely understand men once and for all – and use that understanding to create the relationship of your dreams -- not in months or years, but immediately. That is why this is the last book on man-woman relationships that you’ll ever need to read. You’ll get everything you need right in this book to accomplish your relationship goals and completely change your life.

You've probably heard of best-selling books like "Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus" and "He's Just Not That Into You." Unlike those books and other relationship books on the market that point to the glaring differences between men and women ("Tell me something I didn't know!") The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave goes a step further and teaches you how to use those differences to your utmost advantage.


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With Sedo and many other parking sites upgrading their "looks" and giving us options to "customise" the landing pages, many are beginning to realise that consumers are getting smarter and now recognise a parked site when they see one. It does really get annoying when you are seriously in need of some particular info and all you keep finding are these parked pages. Been there! So now savvy consumers are avoiding such pages like a plague.

But there is still that one problem. No matter what colours or pictures these newly designed landing pages are, they are devoid of content and do we really think consumers will be less fooled by a parked site with pages? I would like to see a time when we can actually include our own pics or write something useful on a parked page and truly customise it - making it more personal.

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Advice to Anyone Thinking About Starting The Master Cleanse

Yes, the master cleanse can Help you lose up to 20 pounds, look younger, ease chronic pain, Cleanse Your Body of Internal Waste, and Boost your energy levels in 10 Days Or Less...But Most People Don't Last 1 Day On The Master Cleanse.

The Truth about What's Really Making You Sick

There's a hidden source of sickness that's eating away at you from the inside and keeping your body from operating at 100%.Your body is being overtaken by:
  • Pesticides sprayed on your food
  • Lead and chlorine in your drinking water
  • Hormones and antibiotics that get pumped in to the food you eat
  • Industrial and automobile pollution that fills the air you breathe
  • Processed food that's torture for your body to break down and digest
  • Chemicals in the soaps, lotions, and other personal products you use daily
If you were only exposed to a small amount of these hidden sources of sickness everyday your body's could deal with it, but you're being overtaken by them. You can start to see how this can cripple your body after a while.

Unless you're growing your food in untainted soil - raising your own animals without drugs and hormones - drinking from a pure mountain spring untouched by man - and breathing air free of industrial and automobile pollution your body is taking in more life destroying waste then it can handle.

Of course no one can live like that in today's world, that's why you need to cleanse your body with the Master Cleanse.

What The Master Cleanse Can Do For You

Even though the Master Cleanse can help you lose a tremendous amount of weight in a very short amount of time it's much more then a weight loss diet, as you've already seen the Master Cleanse goes right to the source of what's really making you sick and does away with it.

You're going to learn....
  1. The common mistake people on the Master Cleanse make that damages their health and can make them gain weight - Many people teaching the Master Cleanse are recommending this and it's flat out wrong!
  2. How to reduce common side effects like headaches - This was not covered in the original Master Cleanse book
  3. Why the 3 days before you start the Master Cleanse will determine whether you succeed or fail
  4. 3 weight loss secrets you'll learn on the first 3 days of the Master Cleanse - These shatters bad eating habits and automatically replaces them with healthy ones
  5. What to add to your bath water to reduce aches and pains - You can pick this up for a few dollars at any pharmacy
  6. A list of safe foods that lets you "cheat" and not have to worry about hurting the detox process while on the Master Cleanse
  7. What the San Bushmen, a tribe in South Africa, can teach you about keeping your mind off food while on the Master Cleanse
  8. The one thing that can sabotage your Master Cleanse efforts without you even knowing it, and how you can avoid it
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  13. Why you should rinse your mouth out with water while on the Master Cleanse
  14. The best day to start the cleanse
  15. Why asking a friend or coworker to join you on the Master Cleanse could be a huge mistake
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order the Master Cleanse Secrets guide today, I'll also give you 3 free gifts worth $45.00
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Optimizing Your 4 Purification Systems
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Master Cleanse Success Journal
The image “http://mastercleansesecrets.com/images/Dangers%20of%20Water%20finished.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
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The Master Cleanse only costs around $3 a day so you'll probably end up saving at least $50 in groceries during the time you're on the Master cleanse.


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Learn To Speak German - Rocket German

Learn German Like A ROCKET With Rocket German!...

Möchtest auch du in weniger als 8 Wochen fliessend Deutsch sprechen??
(Who Else Wants to Learn to Speak German Confidently and Naturally In Less Than 8 Weeks??)

... Und all das ohne Schwierigkeiten und Stress beim Üben mit diesem einzigartigen "Lern Deutsch" Paket?
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Hello and welcome to Rocket German - Your place for learning German online.

Why do YOU want to learn to speak German? Are you about to travel to a German speaking country? Do you have a German speaking partner? Are you studying German and need better resources to make your learning task easier? Do you want to earn more money at your job by being bilingual? Perhaps you simply want to learn for personal pleasure.

Whatever your reasons are, I've designed Rocket German with YOU in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST...

...I designed Rocket German to be the easiest to follow system for learning how to speak German available. Rocket German is an interactive course that makes you want to study. Also, it's practical. You'll discover exactly what to say in virtually all situations.

With Rocket German, you are going to learn German rapidly, effectively, and easily. You are going to be able to speak at a restaurant, at an airport, with new friends… in basically every situation you can think of!

I am passionate about my native language, and for me it’s a privilege to be able to share it with you. It’s an incredible experience to be able to speak with others in a different language. You will be able to enter into a different culture, a different world! Being bilingual is a very special ability, and it’s a gift that we want to give to you.

So are you ready to get to know the secret of learning a new language? You’re looking right at it. I have put all of my experience and knowledge into this cutting-edge learning system on this website, Rocket German. I implore you to keep reading.

Try my free six-day course. If you don’t, you’ll be missing a valuable opportunity to see if Rocket German is right for you. Thousands of people, just like you, worldwide have used my unique multimedia course to fast-track their German learning, while having piles of fun in the process.

Here's What You Will Receive In Your Rocket German Package...
Component #1:
Learn to Speak Fluently with my 31 Interactive Audio Lessons
Component #2:
Find out how easy German is with my 31 Grammar Lessons
Component #3:
Remember tons of words with my fun MegaVocab Software Game
Component #4:
Understand spoken German easily with my MegaAudio Software Game
Component #5:
Learning Verbs is easy with my MegaVerbs Software Game
Component #6:
Have your own German teacher, virtually "on call" 24 hours a day!
What's more...

Rocket German (as a 20CD pack) is available shipped to you virtually anywhere in the world for just $299.95 plus $49.95 shipping and handling... That is cheaper than all of our respected competitors products!! In fact, that's not even the cost of a first year German course and it's way less than what anyone else is currently pricing their FULL learn-German product at!
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The full Rocket German package is now available via instant download (PC or Mac)! You can be learning German and using the MegaGerman games in 5 minutes from now! There are several advantages to you ordering the download package...
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P.S. With Every Download Order, You'll also get the Following Bonuses - MegaCards (Beginners and Advanced) - Completely FREE! ...But only if you Order Before midnight Friday, January 11th 2008.Build your knowledge of 250 common German words and phrases with MegaCards, the fun memory game that you can use to test your own and your friends’ knowledge of German words and build familiarity with common German phrases!

This game is fantastic for getting used to pronouncing German words in a fun environment where there is no pressure on you to get it right all the time!

P.P.S. Make Sure You Sign Up To My FREE 6 Day German Course If You Haven't Already!!

P.P.P.S. Learn Spanish: Rocket Spanish


Who Loves Money Overview

"Who Loves Money? You Do,And We Are Going to Show You How to Make More of IT! We Are About To Explode the MYTH That It TAKES Money To Make Money... RIGHT NOW!"

Who Loves Money written By Kyle and Carson is a very accurate and well put together online book. Many actually achieve an income from home by implementing this different online income plan. The information in this e-book is all about teaching you to do the right thing and take the smart actions. There is no promise of overnight success here. If you learn and apply the techniques taught in Who Loves Money, you will most likely make money in Internet Marketing.It illustrates in full detail how the authors were able to set up AdWords campaign that generated 60 dollars per second. This is not a typo, truly 60$ per second from one AdWords campaign.

Before we get started we should probably give you a little background of exactly who we are and why you should listen to us. We began our journey online over 4 years ago as struggling students in college. With barely enough money to pay for our tuition, we decided that we would try this "Internet thing" out and see if we could make a few bucks online.

We both started out very slow spending very little on advertising but something amazing happened to both of us right away. We both worked very hard and within 6 quick months we were earning more than the Dean of the school. This may sound ridiculous, but it is not.

We Are Getting Sick and Tired of So-Called "GURUS" Scamming People!

We do not like what is going on these days in the world of Internet Marketing. You do not deserve to be scammed, but it is happening every single day. Buy one book, and another book, and then start again from square one. It seems like there are so many "GURUS" out there that are so willing to reach out to you by offering their "secret" information, when in fact the only thing that they are reaching for is your wallet.

You work hard for your money and spending it on a CRAP product is not right! We have created Who Loves Money to fight back and give everyone a fair playing field. Who Loves Money will open the doors to success without giving you some high-cost, ridiculous techniques that will NOT WORK. We have created a business in a box for anyone who wants to make a lot of money online without having to continuously pull out your credit card for another fee!

Within Who Loves Money you're going to learn the "Why's" of Internet Marketing. Most products out there teach you "How" Internet Marketing works, but they don't teach you what you really need to know. Anyone can throw up a Google Adwords ad and advertise a website, but successful marketers know that there is a lot more to making money online than that! You need to know "Why" your customers are purchasing and how to connect with the right audiences. Who Loves Money won't just teach you the "Why's" about making money online, we'll show you exactly how to do it for FREE!

"Nearly All the Techniques in Who Loves Money Will NOT Cost You a Dime!"

Guess what? We fail all the time, but this has contributed towards our success as Internet marketers and has taught us what we need to do to succeed. We know all the Internet Marketing "ins" and "outs", which techniques work and which are a waste of time. We also know many shortcuts marketers can take to create success online cheaply and efficiently.

So, What Exactly is 'Who Loves Money'?

Making money online isn't a set process. There are literally hundreds of ways to earn huge profits online. Who Loves Money explains how to earn money online using techniques that are easy to implement and that anybody can utilize.

Over the past year we've gone through our notes, techniques, and strategies to compile a book containing only the “highest performing” strategies that we use…the ones that will make you the most money with the lowest investment. We have also expanded on areas where we see great opportunity online. The ideas and strategies that we use are worth millions of dollars to someone who is willing to implement them. We are giving you our blueprint showing our EXACT techniques earn over $1,000,000 dollars per year (profit).

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Within Who Loves Money we have revealed the pages of our personal marketing journals exposing techniques that many people do not know about and hardly ever implement. We strategically rip apart the techniques in their most complex form, and put them back together in an easy to understand guide that anyone will be able to understand and implement.
We'll tell you how you can turn the Internet's most current zero-investment techniques into your personal bankroll. These are techniques that focus on your customers and ultimately how to earn money online through thinking “relevant”. Many marketers overlook the fact that consumers are ultimately where we earn commissions online as marketers. By being able to leverage consumers to their full potential, you will become a highly successful Internet marketer.

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Who Loves Money is a compilation of our ideas and thoughts, ones that don't cost an arm and a leg. What you may not realize is that many of the top marketers who are earning $2000+ a day in profit are spending over $30,000 a month to earn this amount!

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We know this sounds funny, but there are many people out there that truly believe that a book will make them money without doing anything! If this is you, THINK AGAIN… move on because we do not want people purchasing Who Loves Money that think that “overnight” success is going to happen. However, if you are willing to take action (and improve your Internet marketing skills), you will make money online using the Who Loves Money techniques. It's going to change the way you think about making money online.

The great thing about Who Loves Money is that you don't need a DIME in order to implement the techniques. It is going to show you strategies that anyone can use regardless of the size of your bank account or experience and it will take your Internet marketing knowledge to a whole new level. There is ZERO risk involved in using the techniques within Who Loves Money because they do not cost you anything to implement.

Have you EVER wondered how it is possible to get started with Internet Marketing if you don't have extra money to spend on advertising? We tackle this head on within Who Loves Money.

10 Reasons Why 'Who Loves Money' Will Benefit You!

There are many techniques and strategies within Who Loves Money that are going to literally open your eyes, and have you thinking to yourself "Ah, I get it now". This book will benefit you in many ways, including improving your overall Internet Marketing IQ. Below are 10 reasons why 'Who Loves Money' will greatly benefit you.
1 .It won't cost you an arm and a leg to implement the techniques within Who Loves Money. Nearly ALL of the techniques can be implemented without spending anything.
2 .The techniques are based on real-life campaigns that we created. We do not simply re-hash information that we haven't tried ourselves.
3 .Who Loves Money will teach you to find those "SWEET" niches that you hear highly successful marketers are making money with. We show you EXACTLY how to find them, and where.
4 .You'll learn how to find out how to "Spy" on your competition and let others do research for you. If you aren't doing proper research before you start your Internet Marketing campaigns, this will be like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow!
5 .We'll show you how to do things like the "Top" marketers in the world, but for absolutely free. We know that there are VERY few people that know about many of our techniques.
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9 .If you haven't heard, we use a CRAZY system that we call the "Slow Roller Technique". You can follow this system step-by-step, literally day-by-day, and make $1000's of dollars a year in income. We explain the technique, show you how to implement it, and even show you a schedule to follow.
10 .There are easily another 10 reasons why you should pick up a copy of Who Loves Money... We wrote this book to fill in the knowledge gap that we are faced with on a daily basis from hundreds of aspiring Internet Marketers. Forget anything you've learned in the past, implementing WLM techniques will put cash in your pocket. It's really that simple.

Learn to Play Guitar with Jamorama

WHO ELSE Wants To Learn Step-By-Step How To Play Guitar Like The Eagles, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Guns 'n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and more?

Why do YOU want to learn how to play guitar? Do you want to play for personal pleasure? Maybe you have always wanted to play in a band or write and perform your own songs? Whatever your reasons are, I've designed my cutting-edge guitar learning method with YOU in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST.

I call my guitar learning method ‘Jamorama’ and I designed it to be the most complete and easy to follow guitar learning system available anywhere. It comes jam-packed with easy-to-follow information. You'll get step by step video instructions that show you the secrets of how to play the guitar in great detail. I can talk about "multiple camera angles", and "cutting edge animated graphics" but you don’t want to know all that. All you need to know is that these videos take you from being an absolute beginner right through to playing some of the most advanced guitar techniques around! I was the first to use this type of multi-angle, animated video to teach guitar. Others online have tried to do the same but mine are still the best available anywhere.

You'll also get my exclusive Jam Tracks to play and practice with. NO ONE likes sitting around practicing boring drills. I strongly believe that it’s really important to get learners playing and jamming along as soon as possible, putting what they are learning to use. Unlike other courses that use computer based music for play-along practice sessions, I brought some of the best professional musicians together and we recorded and produced these quality Jam Tracks for YOU in mind.

Jamorama comes with 1,000s of lines of guitar tabulature. If you didn't know it, guitar tabulature (or TAB) is an internationally recognized form of writing out guitar music. I not only teach you how to read it, but give you thousands of lines of TAB, and empower you with the skills to be able to play virtually ANY song you can find written out in Guitar TAB. There are hundreds of thousands of songs available on the internet, and you'll be able to play any of them.

You also get my unique guitar learning software bonuses. I have also worked with software designers and produced three amazing guitar software packages that not only teach you how to read traditional STAFF music, but also TRAIN YOUR EAR so that you can understand and play along with literally ANY song that you hear on CD, radio, or the internet.

There is MUCH MUCH more! Thousands of people, just like you, have used my unique multimedia course worldwide to fast-track their guitar learning, while having dun in the process. Keep reading this page to find out how YOU can become the awesome guitarist you've always wanted to be.

What you'll learn with Jamorama

I teach guitar fluency and teach you how to use your ear to bring you to the stage where you can play virtually any guitar song that you hear. I use well known songs to guide your learning right from the start! I've made each song very easy for you to learn by breaking them down into small parts, so you can practice each part individually and then put it all together.

When You Order Jamorama You'll get:
  • The Jamorama course lessons (that’s 44 chapters and 252 pages of lessons), starting at complete “I don’t know where my fingers go” beginner and taking you to “How did I get so good” advanced guitar playing. These lessons have been specifically designed for easy use with integrated video and audio so that every powerful time saving tool and easy-when-you-know-how skill I’ve developed is RIGHT at your fingertips!
  • 148 Step-by-step Video Lessons. These video lessons are amazing, they have been professionally recorded and edited and I guarantee they are easier to follow and more useful than anything you will find anywhere. There is no substitute for seeing and hearing how something is supposed to be played. Multiple camera angles, and cutting edge animated graphics take you from an absolute beginner right through to playing some of the most advanced rhythm techniques around! You'll discover the most effective ways to practice so that you master new material quickly, without developing bad habits. Learn to play guitar smoothly and flawlessly, while cutting your learning time in half!
  • My revolutionary new computer game "GuitEarIt!" that trains your ear to identify all the various guitar chords. Playing "GuitEarIt!" is not only fun, it will fast track you to playing your favorite songs by ear!
  • JaydeMusica, a fun game designed to help you learn how to read music. I have included the PRO version of this game with Jamorama for your enjoyment.
  • Detailed instruction on how to quickly master impressive skills, such as picking strumming styles, percussive strum, deadening, staccato strum tricked out scales, hammer-ons, pull offs, transposing keys , percussive strum, deadening, staccato strum, vibrato, palm muting and much, much more!
  • You will learn how to play in a band with my hugely popular step-by-step jamming lessons. These include 26 exclusive Jam Tracks for you to jam along with! These Jam Tracks have been recorded to cover a wide range of musical styles including rock, jazz, country, blues, hip-hop and dance. See your guitar playing skills sky-rocket!
  • Step by step lesson on how to perform tricky guitar skills. That's over ten years' worth of expensive and hard-won information in a simple and easy to follow format - comprehensive insider knowledge at your finger tips, available 24/7, whenever you want to learn.
  • Insider information like the one thing you must do to ensure that your strum sounds as perfect and well practiced as professional guitarists!
  • How to get a Guitar at Below Dealer Cost!
  • How to play with exceptional speed and timing by using our cutting edge Metronome. Designed specifically to keep you in time and with my simple techniques, make you faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Advice on how to decide whether you should learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric guitar, and just what to look out for if you choose to buy a used guitar

Get Jamorama now and receive 4 FREE Bonuses!

Super Bonus #1 – 'GuitEarIt!' - Ear Training Game

Super Bonus #2 – 'Jayde Musica Pro'
Super Bonus #3 - 'Guitar Tuner Pro' Software & 'How to Tune your Guitar'
Super Bonus #4 - The 'Jamorama Metronome'

The Jamorama Multimedia Course will comprehensively teach you everything you need to know to play guitar, from absolute beginner level, right through to being a professional guitarist.

Jamorama is available via instant download. Note: If you order Jamorama online, by January 9th, 2008
it's yours risk-free for an incredibly low $99.95 $39.95.

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