Affiliate Elite

“Want A List Of Anyone’s Affiliates Handed To You On A Silver Platter? Watch The Video Below To How Affiliate Elite Does This In Only Two Mouse Clicks!”

Affiliate Elite Video #1

1. Project 4: Added Commission Junction!! This is a MAJOR deal folks, as now you have access to spy on all of the merchants from the largest affiliate network in the world! There is nothing in the world that comes close to providing you with this information. Simply select commission junction from step #4. You can get any merchant’s ID by logging into your Commission Junction account, navigating to the marketplace, and browsing through all of the merchant’s products. If you don’t have one, you’ll probably need to get one.

11-12-2007: Build 3

New additions

1. Project 1: Added ability to print off the graph/charts in the bottom frame. Click the printer image in the bottom frame when viewing one of the graphs/charts.
2. Project 1: Added ability to save your hoplink affiliate username, so you don’t have to re-input it each time you want to create a hoplink. There is now a drop down list that allows you to select previously entered clickbank ID’s when creating your affiliate hoplink.
3. Project 1: You can now filter by lower gravity parameters as indicated in this forum post:
4. Project 3: Added a checkbox on the create new project dialogue that allows the user to automatically use the scheduler settings used on the previously created project. That way you don’t have to manually set up the scheduler if you don’t want to.
5. Project 4: Added an “exclude all URLs containing a specific keyword” from showing up in the results. To use this, simply right-click your mouse anywhere in the upper frame. Then select the option to filter by keyword.

11-9 -2007: Build 2

New additions

1. Project 1: Added multiple column sorting capabilities (hold the control key while clicking on the solumn headings to sort by multiple columns.
2. Project 1: Added new filter option; Exclude words containing.

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Winners of the contest listed below! - Brad Callen

As I mentioned in the email, it was VERY difficult to choose 2 clearcut winners, because, quite frankly, there weren’t 2 that were obviously better than anyone else’s.

There were many amazing ideas/plans listed here… and there is no doubt in my mind that almost ALL of these plans will most definitely make money.

I’m truly proud to be associated with the great group of people that took the time to post their money making plans to the blog. I can tell that there are ALOT of “winners”, hard workers, and very smart people out there and many that will take those plans and use Affiliate Elite to help make them very wealthy.

But being this was a contest and I could only give away 2 copies of Affiliate Elite, I had to chose 2 winners… and those winners are…

(drum roll please………………….)



# 115 Roy Sencio | October 29th, 2007

# 309 Sylvia Jayakaran | October 30th, 2007

If this is you, please send an email to nancyf@bryxensoftware.com and include the subject line: “Affiliate Elite Contest Winner”. Include your name, email you used when posting your blog post (note: this MUST be the email address you used to make your blog post or we won’t be able to verify that you are indeed the same person).

Again, thanks everyone for participating and keep in mind… Even if you did not win, I can promise you that just by participating in this excercise and visually writing down your money making plan, you’ve increased your odds exponentially for making money with Affiliate Elite and anything else you choose to do in life.

I know from experience that writing out your plan is 100% what it takes to make any plan succeed.


Lastly, tomorrow I’ll be posting a VERY special surprise that might be a bit shocking to some people, so keep your eye out for an email from me.

Hint: It involves an extremely popular Affiliate “money making” info product…

Talk soon.


Leave a CommentOctober 31, 2007 in Affiliate Elite
Win a Free copy of Affiliate Elite! Here’s how… - Brad Callen
Ok, here’s the deal… Each copy of Affiliate Elite actually costs us money to keep running. There are so many different websites, scripts, programs, AND people working behind the scenes to allow Affiliate Elite to return the results seemlessly to the end user that it takes quite a bit of money to keep it running. The more users using the software, the more money it costs us to keep going.But, with that said, I’m willing to bite the bullet and give away 2 FREE copies of Affiliate Elite to 2 lucky winners! There will very likely be NO more free copies of Affiliate Elite given away, ever.So, now’s your one and only chance to get in on this.We’re running a contest to see who can come up with the best money making strategy for using Affiliate Elite. Those that have watched the Affiliate Elite training center videos last week AND have watched all of the videos at http://www.affiliateelite.com should have a better grasp on what Affiliate Elite can do.

So, here’s all you need to do.

1. Submit your “comments” at the bottom of this post and leave a detailed strategy on how you’ll use Affiliate Elite to make X dollars in a certain time period.

IMPORTANT: The more detailed and step by step, the greater chance you will be one of the lucky 2 winners.

Be sure to come up with your strategy and post it before this Wednesday, the 31st at 4:00pm, which is when I am closing the contest.

I will be personally reading and reviewing every single money making strategy posted.

The winner will be announced on Thursday AND will get a free copy of the software before the official launch day!

Let’s hear how you’ll use Affiliate Elite to make more money online. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. This should be fun and exciting for everyone because:

- Everyone will benefit from the ideas of others, so even if you don’t win a copy of Affiliate Elite, you’ll still come away with a lot of great ideas to make more money online! :-)

- You have a chance to get a copy of AE for free

… so it’s a win/win for everyone!

Good luck!




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You hold pocket aces in late position, put in a raise at the first opportunity, and find yourself against a small enough field to feel like your aces have a chance.

The flop comes 8-4-2, a safe enough flop, you figure, since your foes are unlikely to be in there with 8-4, 8-2 or 4-2, and while small sets are a possibility, you judge that to be a remote possibility -- especially when it's checked around to you and then just one subsequent player calls your bet.

You put him on a good eight or an overpair; you're not scared, nor should you be.

But here comes the turn, an offsuit 7. He checks. You bet. He raises . Now you have that familiar sinking feeling: You've been trapped by a slow-played superior hand.

Could he really have been lucky enough to hit his set or second pair? Could he have been boneheaded enough to call your initial raise with two disconnected low cards? Maybe he played a 5-6, drew to an inside straight and got there. In any case, you are now in the midst of a familiar situation: You're stuck on the hand and there's no way out.

You're going to call his raise on the turn because, hey, you might pair up or ace up on the river to beat him -- unless your pair gives him a boat, or unless he's already on a made straight. In any case, you're committed... committed to losing two more big bets because you feel, fatalistically, that there's no way out.

Is This True?

Is it really true that you can't escape further damage? After all, why not fold? Why not save those two bets for a time when they'll do you more good.

Sure, you reckon, he might be bluffing. But for the sake of this example, let's assume that you know he's not. You've never seen him check-raise bluff, but you have seen him check-raise trap many times. Nor is he the kind of player who might put you on overcards and think that his ragged eight is the best hand.

No, he's just another straightforward, unimaginative player who just barely knows how to check-call the flop and check-raise the turn. For the sake of this example, let's assume that you're 100% certain he has you beat. Yet you call. Why is that?Could it be that you feel you're owed?

We all know how rarely pocket aces come around. When they come our way, we naturally anticipate winning with them. Why not? They're the best possible hand, and we're good people. We deserve to win. Thus burdened by this feeling of entitlement, we tend to underestimate the strength of our foe's hand, and overestimate the chances of beating him on the redraw.

Our thinking is skewed by the emotional attachment we have to those beautiful bullets. We want them to win. We need them to win. If they don't win, it's a tragedy and a shame, but not so big a tragedy and a shame as folding now. That would be just unfair...

You see this sad rationalization in at least one other circumstance: when a player holds pocket kings and there's an ace on the flop. He raised pre-flop, driving off (he assumes) all hands except premium ones. Well, what's a premium non-pair hand? A hand with an ace, of course. But when that ace hits the flop, our holder of king-king suddenly loses all perspective.He puts his foes on underpairs or draws, even when his foes start raising like flags. Why? Because pocket kings come along as rarely as pocket aces, and he feels like he's owed!

My friend, discipline in poker means more than having rigorous starting requirements. It also means getting away from hands when you're beat. If you can't fold aces when you know, with every fiber of your being, that they're just going to cost you bets upon bets, then you don't have discipline. If pocket kings leave you vulnerable to the stealth ace, you don't have common sense.

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- Greg and Margie Norman of Chicago, IL

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I've been threatened with legal action; I've been harassed with midnight phone calls; I've been begged and pleaded with; and when all else failed; they even tried filing damage charges against me for releasing confidential secrets to the public. I've even broken a career-long friendship with my boss in order to bring to you this mind-boggling guide. [To Paul if you are reading this: I am sorry, but I did tell you that firing me was one big mistake you'll later regret!]. They even tried to re-hire me earlier this year with an unheard-of 17% salary increase in a desperate attempt to make amends and stop me from offering this information. No thank you were my last words before I hung up the phone. I've spilled my heart out for the big airline corporations for over 16 years. Now, let me have a chance to be on your side.

I promise you the secrets I'll expose here will shock you more than any horror movie you've ever watched. Here is just a tiny sneak peak of the kind of beyond-belief information you can expect to discover in my guide:
Airlines' booking statistics that they've been tight-lipped about for decades
What's not on your ticket that airlines will never tell you
How to knock $100 right off of your next ticket!
How to manipulate airline companies' ticket pricing computer systems to give you thousands of discounts on your ticket! I've had a customer getting a $1143 ticket for $143 by exploiting loopholes in their computer systems. That was something my boss Paul still has nightmares about, and believe me he will have many more!
I'll expose every truth there is about buying tickets online. Be warned: this truth might literally scare you!
Amazing secret on how you can earn free vouchers for airfare tickets just from making a phone call and knowing what to say to the agent. When I was an airline agent, I’ve given away so many free vouchers from callers who knew the magic words. I’ll reveal you exactly what these magic words are!
The secrets about the food airlines serve you during your flight that you'd never know before-hand!
Did you know that airline companies send out hundreds of discounted promotion deals every single day? I have all the confidential secrets on you can get access to them!
Twelve dirty little tricks to knock off hundreds on your airfare ticket

My truly amazing secret on how you can earn free travel rewards without ever even flying at all. Oh God - Paul is going to kill me for this one! I know a way to cheat the system and I will reveal it all to you!
How airline companies steal millions of dollars from consumers each year by taking advantage of customer unawareness and how to avoid falling into this evil trap
How to get FREE upgrades on car and hotel rentals
Do you travel internationally? I've got a nasty secret on how you can blow away 75% right off of your international flight!
I'll expose to you a secret alteration you can do with your name that can end up saving thousands!
The two rules of thumb that will always guarantee you lower ticket prices
My shocking secret on how YOU can use a little-known method to purchase all your travel equipments (such as luggage) at employee-level discounts and save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your traveling gears!
A secret method you can use to get free food during your flight!
A legal bait-and-switch method travel companies use, knowing that travelers will fall for it every time without ever knowing about it! Let me expose this silly trick to you before you get taken!
The BEST time to start planning your trip
How airlines could skyrocket airfare prices on certain days that an unwary traveler would never see coming, and how to sidestep away from this scary hike
How to pay less than what everybody else are paying even after you’ve stepped foot off of your flight!
The secret that no working travel agent ever wants anybody to know, EXPOSED! – I’ll reveal to you exactly how travel agents are paid, and how to use this newfound knowledge to bargain yourself an incredibly cheap flight on your next conversation with a travel agent
The KEY to traveling for cheap, and how to use this knowledge to turn even the most luxurious flights into the biggest bargains!
How airlines literally rob from the unprepared traveler, and how to stick it to them by staying far away from this disgusting trap
How to make the most out of your trips and turn a budget flight into a dream vacation!
One of the little expenses of travel that will quickly add up to huge costs: tipping! – I have a scheme you can use to even eliminate this cost entirely without causing any hard feelings!
My complete packing checklist of every item you should bring along with your flight to ensure a painless trip
Airlines' pricing test experiments that they have never revealed to anybody outside of their top employees! Knowing this alone will save you hundreds off of your ticket!
How to bargain for dirt-cheap prices on tickets

"I want to personally thank you for offering this information. I was impressed with just how much you know about the airline industry as a
former employee. My husband and I saved over £350 (around $650) in a flight to Japan last month, all from using the info you covered in the guide!"
- Joyce Roley from the United Kingdom

"I am truly amazed at your knowledge. I even found it hard to believe some of the materials you covered, but when my family, along with the kids, saved over $300 in our trip to Orlando, we'll be flying a whole lot more within the coming years!"
- Eric Haas of Baldwinsville, NY

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How to make one simple phone call to an agent and in return receive a pile discounts on your ticket
How most buyers waste their time searching for cheap tickets at the wrong places and how you can avoid it
Methods on how airlines determine discounts. If you know their discount behavior, you'll know
how to get cheaper tickets!
Did you know that airline companies get hit with heavy losses every single year due to pricing glitches?
I'll explain why and how you can exploit and abuse this benefit to the fullest and get an insane amount of discount
on your airfare!
What to always check for before buying your ticket. Ignoring this advice can end up costing you hundreds!
The little-known truth about prices posted on big travel sites that most people are never aware of
A never-before-released record of airline system breakdowns that I promise will leave
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One false line airline agencies claim in order to make people fall for it all the time, only to later find out that they've been had! Don't fall for this one!
How I made a sickening amount of money out of just a 1 week trip to Japan and how I guarantee you easily
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When to book your flight on specific days of the week to receive considerably discounted tickets
My jaw-dropping secret on how you can travel to countries that you’ve been denied-entry to!
The magical time of the day when you can go online and expect to find fares at ridiculously low prices!
How to exploit a strange bug in the search engines of major airline travel websites and save hundreds off your flight!
What days of the week to stay over on your flight to wildly lower the price of your ticket
A full list of rarely-known companies that will sell you airfare tickets for dirt cheap prices!
How to obtain special access to the cheapest bargain tickets hours before anyone else can see them!
The hard-to-believe truth about booking higher classes nobody told you about
When to fly during specific days of the year to get insanely discounted tickets
There’s a website out there that sells airfare deals at such unbelievably cheap prices that the airline companies have banned them from advertising to anyone what they’re selling! I’ll tell you exactly what this website is, and how to spot these obscure deals that are so out-of-this-worldly cheap that the airlines have made it against the law for the website to publicize these deals!
The truth about travel agents vs airline agents that neither will ever tell you
How to trick the airline into selling you 25 vacation packages for the price of 1!
How to save a crazy amount of money when traveling with a child
How to become a travel agent yourself and save thousands upon thousands on your tickets every year!
All the secrets about reservations that airlines keep their mouths quiet about
I'll tell you what one magic question to ask travel agents to guarantee you'll get a cheap ticket. There are many ways to start off a conversation with a travel agent. There is, however, only one magic question you should always start your conversation with

How to get an additional 5% discount off of your airfare ticket just by knowing what time of the day to make a phone call to the airline.
Learn about the routings of air travel and how to amass a fortune of airfare savings by exploiting that knowledge!

How to get free lodging at the airport
How to get free lodging everywhere else!
Here's something airlines didn't want you to know: About half of your airfare options aren't even displayed to you when you search for a flight. I'll tell you why the airlines do not display these flight options, and best of all, a shocking secret on how you can make those flight options displayed and book yourself an amazing airfare bargain!
Get this: airlines would even PAY YOU to travel if you know what to say to them
The myths of the airline industry and I will debunk them all
How to get a last minute flight and still save huge!
The secret about first-class airfare that airlines would never admit!
How to find out what ticket offers Priceline recently accepted, and how to spoil yourself silly using that advantage!
Travel programs that offer a crazy amount of discounts on your flight
Agents from major airline companies receive heaps of special discounts and benefits whenever they travel. For the first time ever, I'll reveal to you a secret scheme you can use to gain access to the same discounts and benefits that were only available to the airline employees!

"I just wanted to let you know that your guide was worth everything I paid for. Not only was I able to get a free ticket on my flight to Vegas, I was also upgraded to first class - at the airline company's expense!"
- Brandon Einstrom of Arlington, VA

"I saved $255 in my roundtrip ticket to Canada. Your guide was the best investment I've made this year."
- John Mondero of Ham Lake, MN

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How to travel for FREE by booking your flight on specific dates
How to travel for FREE on any dates!
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Airlines' special discount programs that you never knew about
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A secret website that will provide mountains of savings on your airfare that you never knew about!
How to get airlines to provide you with free coupons to free food, cab fares, hotels, and more!
Places around the world in every country and city where you can stay in for free during your travel! They're probably trashy places nobody would ever want to live in, right? Totally wrong! These places are even better than any hotel, and of course the best part: they're completely free!
My amazing secrets on how to get FREE first class upgrades!
How to outsmart and exploit an unkown flaw in Priceline's website to unlimitedly rebid for your airfare bargain!

My fiance and I flew to the Bahamas for 4 days and 3 nights; to Las Vegas Nevada for 3 Days and 2 Nights with $500 in casino money; and I to to the Grand Bahamas Island for vacation. The total price I paid for all 3 of these flights altogether was less than $20 plus tax! Sounds completely crazy, but I've discovered an absolutely disgusting secret on how you can legally fool the airlines into selling you airfare tickets to anywhere around the world for just $7! -and I'll reveal this all to you!
International flights secrets all exposed
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How to receive travel-related equipments such as cameras, luggage sets, and more, free of charge!
I’ll reveal to you the truth about the most dangerous airlines in the world, and what has happened with these airlines that they’ve kept secret about over the past 20 years!
A fool-proof method on how you can obtain a standby-seat

Did you know that airlines will occasionally offer unbelievably low prices on flights that are either flukes, errors, or as a result of price war competitions? They do, and I'll expose to you the secrets on how you can be the first one to jump on them (because these never last long!)
How to completely eliminate the hours of waiting during your connecting flights!
How to save a ton of money on airport parking!
Hidden charges that airline companies stab you with and how to eliminate them

How to obtain complete access to the history of major airline companies' airfare prices over extended periods of time. Our agents used this tool to predict prices of future tickets. I'll reveal how you can do it too!
Are you a student? I'll tell you how to save even more money on your ticket that airlines don't want you to know!
I'll expose to you my unbelievable secrets on how you can make more income than your next-door neighbors working their fulltime jobs, all by just exploiting the tricks of international traveling. In less than a year after I was fired from my job, I have made more money by traveling around the world on my own leisure time than I did working as a travel agent the last 2 years at my job combined! I guarantee you this section from my guide will completely shock you speechless! I'll tell you this now: this is something any average Joe can easily do if they knew how!
Did your flight get cancelled? I have some of the most amazing information on what you can do to take huge advantages of both airline as well as hotel companies when this situation happens

A customer of mine not only saved over $150 on his airfare ticket, he also had a free night stay at a hotel. I'll tell you exactly how he did it, and how you can too!
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Read this at your own risk: I have an entire section dedicated on revealing how you can bypass the airline security at some of the most major airports!

"What a wonderful trip I had to Spain. I was able to cut my airfare cost down by €324 after applying some of the info covered in your guide. The free lodging I received was also a huge bonus! I'm a very satisfied customer."
- Hannah Putzkammer from Germany

"We've just returned from our 8-day vacation trip to Hawaii. Following the instructions in your guide, I was able to get the airlines to sell me the flight package for under $20. My wife and I were thrilled with the arrangements and accommodations. Can't wait to try this again!"
- Alan Bozeman of Santa Monica, CA

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The startling truth about those duty-free shops at the airports
How to access courtesy upgrades and discounts while traveling
My full tipping guide that covers all aspects of tipping during your travel
The federal government has set a certain limit on how much airlines can be held liable for a lost or damaged baggage. I’ve got a nasty secret on how you can hold them liable for even more than this limit if your baggage ever gets lost!
How to do price comparison of all major airline companies in a flash
A travel ID card that you can use to knock off hundreds, if not thousands, off of your flight every time you go. I'll tell you where and how to obtain this special travel card that nobody is aware of! I'm one of the very few in this industry who have knowledge about this offer that isn't advertised anywhere to the public!
When to book your flight at specific times of the day to get a staggering amount of discounts
How to knock 75% off of your ticket when traveling internationally
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Did you know that according to what kind of profession you are in, you may be eligible to receive enormous amounts of discounts on your ticket?
How to travel completely free at someone else's expense
I'll expose to you some amazing secrets about illegal flights that are prohibited to be advertised by any airline agency, and how you can actually book these flights through a well-guarded hidden method!
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The secret of the "first fare quote" that travel agents have buried out-of-sight from the public. I'll divulge it all to you!
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There’s an excuse you can tell to the airline to avoid paying taxes on your airfare tickets. I’ll tell you exactly what this excuse is, and my complete method on how to go about disputing the tax charge
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Airlines' ticket pricing behavior and how you can exploit it to your advantage
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The Simple Golf Swing

"I GUARANTEE You’ll Lengthen your Drive and Cut your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just Two weeks."

Unlock Your Hidden Potential by Discovering the Golf Swing that is Delivering Consistent, Accurate Distance to thousands of golfers world-wide. This Information can't be found ANYWHERE else!

Word is getting around! So far, we have helped people from 36 countries on each of the 7 continents fix their swing problems. There is a reason why "The Simple Golf Swing" is the # 1 rated golf instruction system on the internet...because IT WORKS. The number of golfers in Australia, Great Britain, South Africa and the United States benefiting from "The Simple Golf Swing" has absolutely skyrocketed! The number of golfers in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Norway using this golf swing system has doubled in the last 60 days! We are receiving hundreds of letters and emails daily from people who are shooting the best scores in their lives! No other golf instruction method provides hard proof like this!

Below you will see a copy of an e-mail written to me on Sep 14, 2006. Take a look at other sites to see if they offer experiences like this. Remember, your own success story could be posted on this site in as little as 1 week.
golf instruction
Listen to Fred!

"The Improvement was Significant"


I purchased your book about a month ago. What a difference it has made in my swing and my game. The improvement was significant.

Where were you years ago? I highly recommend you book on a Simple Swing to anyone that has difficulty hitting the ball straight.

Thank you it truly improved my game.


NOW is the time to fix that golf swing, once and forever. Start hitting the Fairway! We have helped THOUSANDS of golfers world-wide. Consider this statement carefully...One great set of clubs PLUS one bad swing equals one golf ball in the water or out-of-bounds (and one or two strokes higher on your score card). We are here to help your game. Your GOLF SWING is what drives your score...not your clubs or the ball you play. That is the truth in simple terms.

Is your golf swing providing you with the results you need to compete? Are you throwing strokes away by topping, slicing or hooking the ball? How many penalty strokes do you typically have during a round? Only you can answer those questions. The "Simple Golf Swing" is eliminating those problems for thousands of golfers world-wide.

You want a great golf swing? You can have it. You want to be able to chip the ball close to the pin? You will be putting the ball closer than you ever have in your life, and you'll be doing it within hours of discovering this system. You want to know what you should be thinking as you are preparing to hit the ball? It's all laid out for you.

My name is David Nevogt and my system, "The Simple Golf Swing" has helped 16,452 golfers during the past 3 years. As you will read, historically this system has a success rate of 95%, and bogey golfers are able to lower their handicaps by AT LEAST 7 strokes within the first couple of rounds. Many golfers are seeing even greater improvements! This method is delivering an AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT of 12 STROKES.

Naturally, that means that if you shoot over 90, you will be able to reduce your handicap by much more than 7 strokes.

I tend to set my goals high, so the goal of my system is for each of my clients to break 80. It has been proven many times that with this system anyone can do it. Regardless of physical ability.

Here's a question for you to think about. What do you feel are the 3 biggest factors that prevent bogey golfers from reaching their true scoring potential? This is the question that I asked over 200 golfers after hearing the following information.

* There are roughly 27 million golfers in the world.
* Their average gross score: 107 shots.
* Eighty percent of the golfers do not achieve a handicap of less than 18.
(Source: Revista golf international. November 2000)

Here is a brief summary of what the people who responded told me:

1. Inconsistency --- 187 Golfers --- 94%
2. Slice --- 142 Golfers --- 71%
3. Distance --- 124 Golfers --- 62%

Needless to say, many golfers were experiencing the same problems. Therefore, I devoted myself to developing "The Simple Golf Swing" system that would focus on solving these 3 problems, and would teach bogey golfers a system to overcome them.

It was developed specifically for the bogey or bogey+ golfer with CONSISTENCY as the end result. How many shots per round do you think you could save if you made solid impact, hit the ball straight, and hit it long every time? This system will give you the information and methods that will allow you to master these three problem areas, so you can move on to concentrate on your short game.

And then we'll move on to teach you how to stick those tough chip shots close to the pin. You can become that scorer you've always wanted to be. FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME, my newest book "The Simple Chip" will be included with this package. I guaranteed 7 strokes before I added it to the package, so imagine the strokes you will save with it included. I am in the process of starting a separate website for "The Simple Chip". Once that site is done, I will no longer be able to offer both of these systems together.

This system will reduce your handicap by 7 or more strokes. Historically, "The Simple Golf Swing" system has a 95% success rate. Why is the success rate so high? Because everything is covered. Drives, Irons, and the short game. It's all included. You'll shave at least 7 strokes with "The Simple Swing" alone. The accurate and consistent chipping will just be an added bonus.
golf lessonWhat makes "The Simple Golf Swing" so Successful?

In short, it's about using the spine as an axis to promote consistency and to keep you on the correct swing plane. You'll learn the correct hand action so that you can add distance to every shot. You'll learn the correct timing to get straight ball flight, and consistent direction. You get a step-by-step guide on the full swing, a step-by-step guide on the short game, a mental guide, and personal coaching to make all of this happen quickly and easily.
How it works:

The purpose of the system is to drop your handicap by AT LEAST 7 strokes

* You will be able to learn the unique setup and the 5-step system in roughly 3 hours. You will see immediate results. Then, I ask that you allow 1 week to get used to the new setup and swing mechanics, and to get through the lessons. By the beginning of week 2, you will be playing the best golf of your life.

* You'll have an entirely new outlook on golf, and you'll be armed with a system that works. Half of the battle is gaining the confidence to KNOW that the next shot is going to be right down the middle. After you've proven to YOURSELF that this system works, you can prove it to everyone else. Here's what some of my long-time customers are saying.

Listen to Scott!

"Handicap Dropped from a 14 to a 10"

David, I was about a 14 handicap last year - I just wanted to let you know that I tried the Heard Super Swing about 10 years ago - then went to NG - in fact I coaxed Tim and Todd Graves to come to Cleveland to do a clinic...Anyway - I never REALLY felt confident and comfortable with the swing - so I started poking around on the net this past January and I went to your site. Bought the DVD, read the manual - started messing around with it in Feb. - I went to visit my Dad in Winter Haven and played about 8 rounds - but the BIGGEST mistake I was making was NOT using the shoulders.

Once I came back up here to Cleveland,Ohio and started actually using my shoulders - It has been truly wonderful - I need to work on lining up properly (it seems I'm always hitting to the right side of the green even though I swear I'm positioned to far to the left), but my God - I swear I have picked up and easy 10+ yards - with NG my wedge was maybe 105 tops - now if I'm anywhere between 80 - 100 yards I use my SW...So kudos to you! I wish you much success with this method!!! Thanks! - Now I'm 10 handicap - 4 strokes is a lot!!!

Happy in Cleveland! Scott Hughes

aaron golf
Listen to Aaron!

"3 Wood Before - 160 Yds /After - 220 Yds"

Date: 8-14-2006

Name: Aaron Widener

From: acegraphix@eeeexxxe.net

Location: Marina, California, United States

Hi David,

When I first incorporated this swing into hitting a real golf ball at the range, I was overwhelmed with joy! It took a few swings to get myself hitting just right, but I was almost doubling my distance (it seemed that way to me!). Here is an example of what I was doing, and what I'm doing now, the first approximate distance is before, the second is now with this new swing and setup:
Before After
PW 70 110
9 75 120
7 95 150
5 140 180
3W 160 220

It is unbelievable how well I'm hitting it now, and hitting it straight! Sure there are some messy ones, but not near as bad. I'm giving this new swing and setup my best shot and commitment because I really believe in it now, I can't wait until I'm really comfortable with it. I believe if I get consistent with this, I will be hitting low 80's and maybe even breaking 80 by the end of the year! That's how confident I feel with what I've learned from you.

I want to thank you for writing that book. Thanks again! You can use this testimony if you want.

Aaron Widener

Listen to Dale!

"In 1 Week - I Dropped 10 Strokes"

David, Good morning. I just wanted to write and let you know how successful your "Simple Golf Swing" method is as it applies to my game. This is no lie, in one week I dropped 10 strokes off of my game. "10 STROKES". I know that some may not believe me but this is the honest truth. The usual foursome I play with every weekend could not believe the improvement in one weeks time. Now it did take some time at the driving range, roughly 100 balls hit, but that was it. I know I have a ways to go to get to the level of play I would like, I am currently an 11 handicap.

I do have a bit of a dilemma though, my group was so impressed with my accuracy as well as my distance off the tee that I feel like taking all of the credit for this and yes, I did take all of the credit. Wrong of me I know and I believe this weekend I will spill the beans and give the credit were credit is deserved. Anyway, thank you so much for your knowledge and willingness to share it with others. I could not have done it without you.

Sincerely, Dale M. Morvaji

What you will GAIN:

* Your slice will be corrected: Golf Digest has done many studies to prove that a straight ball goes much further than a slice or a hook. Many professionals, including Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, and Fred Couples have found tremendous success by hitting a controlled fade. Many more prefer to hit the draw. With consistency in mind, "The Simple Golf Swing" system was developed to teach the bogey golfer how to hit the ball STRAIGHT. For you this means added distance and confidence on the tee, and increased accuracy on the approach.

* You will get tested methods that are proven to work. The System has a 95% success rate.

* You will SAVE TIME by learning this Step-By-Step system. The complete swing is laid out for you in a simple manner. "The Simple Golf Swing" tells you exactly what to focus on during every step. No need to figure it out by yourself. No wondering about what to do next. I will provide the information AND teach you for less that one round of golf.

* You will SAVE MONEY. Offline lessons are around $85 per hour, and many instructors charge more. This complete system gives you much more information than I could provide in one lesson for half the price.

* This system will SAVE YOU THE FRUSTRATION of playing bad golf. You are GUARANTEED to be playing the best golf of your life in less than one month.

* You will get more enjoyment out of golf because you will consistently be making solid impact with the ball. Your shots will fly longer and straighter.

* You will learn to strategically play the game. Left side of the fairway, versus the right side. You'll be able to set up your approach shot accordingly.

* You're new found confidence will allow your whole game to improve. You will want honors off the tee, because you'll KNOW that you are going to hit the longest ball.

* COMPETITION WILL INCREASE. It is virtually impossible to shoot in the low 80's and not play to WIN.

* You will get a great amount of satisfaction by sharing your knowledge with friends, family, and co-workers. This is the main reason I started to teach "The Simple Golf Swing". So many golfers struggle, when they don't need to. I thrive on watching my students get better and better. They will come to YOU for advice.



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I was 22 years old. So broke I didn't have two pennies to rub together. So embarrassed about by my body that I wouldn't take my shirt off unless I was alone. And after four years at a major party college... I was still a virgin.

Sure, I dated a few women (other guy's sloppy seconds), but even they never returned my phone calls.

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Why More Guys Haven't Come Across These Secrets

I mean, it wasn't like I changed anything about my basic personality. I still had no money, drove around in a rust-bucket and had less experience between the sheets than a 16 year-old.

All I did was apply the "underground" psychological principles I had discovered. It wasn't hard... and... anyone can do it. That's because I found out these techniques are based on powerful 'mind' principles you are born with - and are available to all of us.

What that means is, it doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are, if you're dead-broke or even if you have physical features that you think are turning women off...
Whatever Your Excuse Is,
These Principles Still Work

Just like advertising never fails in getting all sorts of different people to buy.

It's been nearly two decades since I first discovered these techniques, and it's been one hell of an emotionally... and... sexually satisfying ride.

These days I sleep every night next to the woman of my dreams (something I never thought would happen). And spend much of my time teaching other men...
The Secrets of 'Magnetically' Attracting Women To You...
Without Ever Chasing Them Down...
And Without Ever Having To Approach Them!

You see, once you have these secrets all the 'work' of meeting women will be done for you...automatically! You can just 'flip on' your magnetic powers of attraction... so to speak... and instantly bring sex, romance and more roaring into your life!

And this isn't some New Age theory crap. It's based on the same hush-hush psychological tactics advertisers have used for centuries to get filthy rich. They work for anyone, anywhere and at any time (no matter how desperate you think your situation is right now).

Not too long ago, I packaged up all these secrets in a guide I called How To Become An Alpha Male.

It’s the no-risk, never-fail blueprint on how to 'magnetically' attract an endless flow of horny, ready-for-sex women to you... without ever having to play their games or deal with rejection.

Some guys call it the lazy man's way to easy sex and romance. And here's a quick look at just a few of the proven techniques I'll share with you inside:

* 3 ‘magic tricks’ you can start using this weekend that will have women begging to have ‘anything goes’ sex with you (even if they’re married or have boyfriends)! Page 52

* The 7 Step Seduction System that takes you from saying “hello” to a new woman…to sharing orgasms in bed with her… in just one evening! Page 101

* 9 silent techniques that ‘magnetically’ get a girl to like you (WARNING: you must agree to use these for legal/moral purposes only). Page 42

* Why… under absolutely no circumstances… should you ever take advice about women… from a woman (here’s what the female “experts” don’t want you to know) Page 46

* Confused over when you should “make a move” on a woman? Here’s the 8 silent clues she gives that scream “I want you inside me now”! Page 142

* The amazing psychological technique… proven through scientific research… on how to make any woman ‘dripping wet’ for you… with just your mind! Page 157

* 2 powerful ‘first date’ secrets that almost spontaneously lead to sex (even if you screw everything else up)! Page 138

* The hidden ‘mental hot-button’ that can instantly turn a flaming bitch into a horny slut (and how to push it anytime you want)! Page 27

* 7 simple secrets to changing your “appearance”… as soon as tonight… that will immediately double or even triple your attractiveness to women! Page 56

PLUS... How to get women to breathlessly pant
"I've never done this with anyone before"
while performing extremely intimate sex acts
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* The 3 unbreakable rules of spending money on women (screw these up and not only will you go home broke, but you’ll have blue-balls too)! Page 16

* My very private “frame” technique that mentally intoxicates women (and can have women who’ve totally ignored you in the past, now shamelessly flirt for your attention)! Page 52

* 2 magic words you can use … when the moment is right… that almost hypnotically guide a woman into your bedroom! Page 41

* Avoid these 3 behaviors and you’ll immediately become so seductive that women will actually feel themselves getting “wetter” around you! Page 44

* 14 specific topics you should never, ever bring up in conversation with a woman you want to have sex with! Page 126

* 6 behaviors you’re probably doing right now that make women want to treat you like crap and lead you on. Page 31

* How you accidentally kill the attraction women naturally feel for you (99% of guys do it – here’s how to reverse it in under 7 seconds flat) Page 19

* 3 questions to ask that instantly reveal if a woman wants to have sex with you! Page 16

* 24 non-verbal clues almost every guy does that immediately repel women (how many are you doing?) Page 27