Convert your car to run on water as fuel


Discover How To Convert Your Car or Truck To USE Water And Gasoline, To Double, Even Triple Your Mileage!

A car that uses ordinary water as fuel? NO it’s not science fiction, it is NOT waiting to be rolled off the assembly line and it does NOT cost thousands of dollars.

You already own the car of the future! In fact, the car of Al Gore’s dreams is already sitting in your driveway waiting to burn off some steam! Here’s How:
  • Gas4Free is a complete, Do-It-Yourself system that’s affordable and SIMPLE to install, anyone can do it.
  • With Gas4Free, just by using WATER with Your gasoline or diesel engine you can double, even triple your mileage. We own 3 cars averaging 63MPG.
  • Water packs incredible power, boosting performance while cleaning your engine and preventing smog by significantly reducing emissions
  • Join the Tens of thousands of people that are using this technology worldwide, read the testimonials of many happy customers
  • Learn how the government will pay you for using Gas4Free. That’s right. You are owed a refund from the IRS for using this green technology!
  • We've eliminated all the risk with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Totally Secure Shopping.
Keep on reading to find out even more about how you can use water to save fuel, clean out your engine and most importantly SAVE MONEY!

How Is It Possible To Run My Car Or Truck On Water?

Remember, you still have to take the occasional trip to the gas pump because water is supplemental to your gas or diesel fuel. 100% water cars are still on the drawing board, but extracting energy from water to double or triple your fuel economy is VERY EASY.

This is not new technology. We’ve been using water to gas converters in our vehicles for over 4 years. This is proven technology. Using a simple device, you can use the electricity from your battery to separate water (H2O) into a gas known as HHO. HHO is two parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen. HHO is a supercharged gas that burns effectively and produces significant energy, greatly improving your fuel economy. Incredibly, the waste product is water!

This is very easy to do, we will show you exactly how! We've taken an almost century old suppressed technology, updated it and simplified it using local hardware store parts and created an effective, affordable and simple device. Our water conversion guide will show you exactly how. This system is very easy to install and requires very little maintenance. Plus, it works on all vehicle types.

FACT: Pound for pound HHO is 3x MORE potent than gasoline! Are you Spending too much on gas? Maybe it’s time you joined the thousands of people worldwide are already using HHO technology to dramatically improve fuel economy.

Since you're converting water into an explosive gas, you might be thinking “Isn’t that dangerous? NO, it’s completely safe, due to a number of reasons. We’ve used the Gas4Free system for over 4 years and out of the thousands of systems installed, we have never heard of any problems.

If the Gas4Free system wasn’t safe, we would have been out of business a long time ago. The way this system releases water energy is extremely safe as it’s created on-demand, as the engine needs it and it only ignites inside your engine that gives you some bang for your buck – mileage wise that is.
Why You Need This Technology Today,This is what the Gas4Free system will do for you:

* Double or even triple your mileage: Of course this is a little bit dependent on what type of vehicle you own. Some pickup/SUV's have been known to increase mileage as much as 283% running on the Gas4Free system. Some customers are saving over $100 per week!
* Eliminate emissions that damage your health and the environment. Once “burned” the hydrogen gas converts safely back into water. No harmful chemicals are emitted. You will be able to smell and BREATHE the difference.
* Enhance the performance of your vehicle. Big rig trucks suddenly pull better going up hills because their engines are so clean! Enjoy a calmer, quieter ride as the water smoothes out the combustion cycle of your engine.
* Remove carbon build up. The enhanced burn of HHO gas has the effect of actually cleaning deposits out of your engine. This also leads to a cooler running engine.
* You can feel good again about driving. You don’t have to skulk around in your big gas guzzling vehicle any more. If you drive an SUV or a big truck you no longer have to explain about polluting the environment anymore. Instead you can tell others, with a sense of pride, about how you converted your car from being a gas guzzler into an economy and environment saving water burner.
* You can choose to be a leader in your community and spread your new knowledge and experience. You can even sell this service and make some income for yourself. Not only can you use the technology to teach people how to save money but you may even give people who are poorer the means to start being able to afford to drive a car again because they do not have to pay so much for gas!
How Much Money Can I Save?

Every car manufacture uses slightly different designs, so we can't give you the exact savings you will get. What we can say is what we've experienced:

Take Peter Minovski from Cleveland, Ohio. He has a Ford pickup and in November he installed the Gas4Free device in his car engine.

Peter and his brother tested the device on seven more cars, of all different makes and models, (mostly owned by neighbors and family) and found on average that no matter what, the device increased mileage by a whopping 39%. One tiny Honda Civic fixed up by another neighbor had a massive mpg savings of 80%.

So just how much money can you save using the Gas4Free System?

Take a look that the Estimator below. I gives you an idea of how much you can save. Just move your mouse over the type of vehicle you own. Note: The estimated gas saving is based on driving 2000 miles per month at $4.00/Gallon.Just look at the average gas prices around the USA today. If you're in Europe, your paying double that per gallon.

This technology is used by thousands and thousands of people, yet it’s still hard for many people to get their heads around it. Many have focused too much on what they may have learned in school, people who doubt this technology have never tried it. The only way to truly know is to TRY IT YOURSELF.

Both Books For Only $500 (Limited Time Offer - Now Only $97)
Book 1 Contains:
* How To Assemble ALL parts using off the self parts at home
* How To Install the entire systems without Engine Modification
* Maintenance and Troubleshooting
+ Much More!
Book 2 Contains:
* How To Fine Tune the System For Maximum Fuel Economy
* How To Ensure Your Saving Tons Of Money with Secret Gas Saving Techniques
+ Much More!

In Summary...
  1. Don't spend your hard earned money, think of what you would do with $1500 extra cash a year you’ll save on gas
  2. Stop adding to the Greenhouse effect and global warming with your hot, polluting engines
  3. Enjoy a smooth, quite ride, longer engine life and better acceleration
  4. Instead of letting the gas companies take your hard earned money, turn it around and make a healthy extra income at home for yourself, while helping others save gas!
BONUS #1 - Exclusive Parts Suppliers List
BONUS #2 - 100% Water Car Plans
BONUS #3 - HyperMiling - The Art of Driving To Save Fuel
BONUS #4 - IRS TAX Rebate Forms


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